Friday, August 16, 2019

Cucina Peruvia

'We enjoy Peruvian food... They (parents)  found this  untapped market for Peruvian food.... back then in  2015,  2 or 3 brands lang for Peruvian food  so  we decided to join  the pioneering restaurants....

 ...we tried diff Peruvian food from here and in Australia and States the Peruvian spices ... lots of peppers indiginous to their country ...  tangy flavor '

                                                                              - Mia Teng, Owner

  • established 4 years ago in August 9
  • first branch BGC (now closed)
  • two branches in The Podium Mall and Vertis North
  • Cucina Peruvia literally means Peruvian Kitchen
  • Born out of the family's passion and love for Peruvian food
  • home grown brand
  • also the same group behind Kureji
My experience about this particular cuisine  can be summed up in two events and they are not even purely Peruvian.

I have only tried  Peruvian cuisine in a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant in The Podium Mall  and at One Bonifacio.. What I took away from the experience was   that I learned that Peruvians love their tubers ie potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, etc. and that Peruvian Cuisine is a melting pot  of influences as far as Africa and Europe.

Yesterday, we tried the following dishes at CUCINA PERUVIA

Ceviche Mixto P290
A mixed seafood dish that we were told was classic Peruvian. Reminiscent of our local kilawin, it is important that the seafood used is fresh. In the case of Cucina Peruvia, it was

Chupe de Pescado P300

Per Wiki, Chupe is a generic term in South America, which means stew. Reminded me  of   delicious bouillabaise, that creamy and sinful French stew with chunks of seafood.

Linguine Con Carbonara P280

The other dishes were quite delicious and flamboyant, I almost forgot to taste the linguine. It was good with a generous dollop of  thick white sauce . Best eaten hot.

Pollo A La Brasa (Grande) P750

Literally "grilled chicken",  CUCINA PERUVIA'S  fowl was juicy, succulent , meaty and flavorful. Order grande size if  you are a family. Pair it with their  green rice Arroz Verdo Con Pollo

Adobo Peruvia P400

This is the owner's favorite so I had to try it. The slices of pork are tender. There is the play of sour and sweetness. It was really good. So be ready to order cups of steamed plain rice with this.


Anticuchos "cut stew meat" is apparently   a street food. The heart of the  Vaca is marinated in vinegar and other spices. I thought the texture would be weird. But guess what , it tasted just like the regular beef we are familar with.

Cucina Peruvia had me at  home-made pizza dough. Surprisingly good

Arroz Verde Con Pollo P320

Overall,    CUCINA PERUVIA  provides  a sneak peek   into  what awaits us  if ever we find ourselves in the Land of the Incas. Good thing too,  because Macchu Picchu is in our bucket list of 1000 places to visit before we die.

Do order their chicken and that green rice... scrumptious.  The adobo is worth the mention as well . It was at once familiar and yet different from our local version. Both make you want to order cups of rice  haha.

I had to leave early so I missed the unlimited cocktails which are available from 5 -8 pm daily and the gorgeous chocolate dessert.

Oh well Im definitely returning anyway for a second visit with the handsome hubby and piggery in tow

Check them out and let me know how it turns out for you.

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  1. Must Visit Place to enjoy tasty food. The taste was just yum!! And also I order food from this place through Zomato at discounted price. Must try!!