Friday, August 2, 2019


Love KFC's Zinger?

You will love this new creation from KFC that marries the original Zinger with   3 types of  your most favorite ingredient - Baconnaise, Smoked BBQ Bacon relish and two strips of crispy bacon.... Yum!

Was privileged to have been invited to a sneak preview  of  this hush hush latest  creative salvo  by the brand which brought you  Double Down, Garlic Butter Chicken, Hot shots, Famous Bowl, Sisig Rice Bowl, Chaco, etc.

First Look

They had me at bacon. Those 3 NEW BACON FEATURES  made the zinger  more craveable.

Baconnaise -  a bacon-flavored mayo that has a smokey taste with a hint of sweetness
Bacon relish - minced bacon generously sauteed in onion with a glaze of brown sugar
Bacon strips -  crunchy strips of sinful bacon goodness

The verb baconized  used as an adjective to describe the noun Zinger fit the brief to a T

First Bite

I tasted the soft bun. I heard the crunch from the zinger and crispy bacon strips as I bit into the Baconized Zinger. The baconnaise  provided the creaminess which nicely complemented the texture off the Zinger and bacon.  The bacon relish elevated the zinger's flavors a notch with more bacon goodness and a hint of the saccharine from the glazed brown sugar. Each bite just whetted the appetite leaving you wanting for more. It will be  messy . But its the delicious kind of messy. You may  not be able to help yourself  and  lick  that  baconnaise from your fingers . It was really scrumptious!

Before long, you realize you just demolished a whole Baconized Zinger in one sitting.

Busog ?

The Baconized Zinger will be available as follows ...
  • Zinger Ala Carte P150
  • Zinger Combo P199
  • Snacker Ala Carte P100
  • Snacker Combo P154
  • Snacker FLM P195
  • Baconized Bucket of  Fries P99
Overall,  this may be my favorite KFC creation yet after the Garlic Butter Chicken.  I can not stop raving about how sinfully good it was. I have to constantly remind myself to just taste and appreciate but do not over indulge. Such temptation! So scrumptious!

That is why for  this perpetually-on-a-diet-foodie-mom-of-4,  I will consciously choose  the snacker size. Just enough to satisfy the craving but with less calories.

Our piggery though would be another matter altogether. I can imagine them ordering  the Zinger Combo and Baconized Bucket of Fries....each.

Congratulations KFC. This BACONIZED ZINGER is definitely a winner in my book.

KFC BACONIZED ZINGER  will be available in the KFC stores nearest you on August 5.

Note : Prices may vary in certain stores

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