Thursday, July 25, 2019


That is  1000 grams of  in-your-face steak seemingly challenging the   carnivores out there to take it on.

Yes the restaurant famous for its 1kilogram  steak just opened in Greenhills and we were there to see it happen.

That  hanging tender steak just absolutely mesmerized ! Smell that wonderful aroma wafting from that humongous serving of   beautiful meat yet ?  All for P2650 only!

But I am getting ahead of myself. Here's the menu of what we enjoyed a couple of weeks ago ...

Maiden Voyage Sampler Menu


Quattro Formaggi + Garlic
four cheese  and garlic dip

Loved the crostini and that cheesy dip. A true blue cheese fiend, I am easy to please when it comes to this particular dairy


Belgian Wanderer P245
dark chocolate, Spanish Paprika , pimiento aioli dip

When I first saw the dish, I was dumbfounded.  I dont know which was worst . Chocolate on my chicken wings or squid ink?

But appearances can be deceiving. Thought I will not be able to wrap my head around the idea of the chocolate on my favorite fowl. What do you know, the combination actually worked! Even dunked it in pimiento dip for that salty contrast.

Tagalog's Best P245
bagoong wings, peanut butter aioli dip

Think Kare Kare chicken wings. Not all  of my foodie friends were sold on the idea. But I do not know , I kind of like it.


Monticello Classic Mac & Cheese P295
mac and cheese and tons of bacon

They had me at bacon. But would have loved more cheese though.

Bleu Cheese Mac P295
Vagabond's style, bleu cheese, balsamic and honey reduction


Vagabond's Signature One Kilo Steak
served with Southern Pilaf, handcrafted sauces
chimichurri, soy ginger, barbecue, garlic peppercorn

Boracay Chori Burger

Ibiza Chicken Chorizo P295
Spanish inspired chicken and chorizo pilaf


Scout's Treats Smores P150
smores pudding and blow torched marshmallows

Overall,  Vagabonds Artisanal Comfort Food  turned out to be an exciting foodgasmic adventure for this foodie mom of 4.

I  recommend the hanging tender which is the highlight of the   restaurant. Although I have had more tender steaks from previous occasions, this was a sweet deal given its portion to price ratio. Suggest you order this medium rare.

The chocolate wings and the kare kare variant of the same, were quite interesting finds too and very affordable at P245 only.

Ibiza Chicken was also memorable. Relishing its complex flavors plus succulent meat was a very enjoyable experience

Definitely returning with the piggery in tow to check out the other items in the menu. I feel we just touched the tip of the iceberg with this one... :)

Vagabonds Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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