Tuesday, July 2, 2019

OUTBACK - New Menu Launch

Its been a while since our last visit at Outback.  I remember the family being regular customers some years back  during that time when Outback was still part of  The Bistro Group.

Interestingly,  my revisit yesterday afternoon at Outback was quite an eye opener...

Did you know...?
  • Nope not an Australian brand. Despite being named after that vast  remote expanse in Australia, Outback actually originated in Florida in 1988
  • Yes, Outback is 31 years old
  • Outback however took root in our shores nine years later or  in 1997 ,  22 years ago.
  • The founder is Chris Sullivan a retiree who was inspired to  set up an Australian-themed resto after watching 'Crocodile Dundee" , a movie about life in the outback
  • By the year 2000, Outback already had 700 branches in the US
  • The Outback franchise was originally owned by The Bistro Group which set up its branches in Libis, Makati and Alabang.
  • In 2010, Mukherjee acquired the franchise from The Bistro Group
  • The most recent addition  in the country is the 170 seater branch at Bluebay Walk at Macapagal Avenue
  • They have a privilege card with exclusive perks and privileges for only P1000
Amazing tidbits right?  

Another awesome aha moment for me was realizing how much I missed their food especially their steak!


Sirloin Salad
The perfect combination of protein and greens for me . That grilled  Sirloin is cooked a medium rare which is my preference. It married well with the fresh and crisp romaine. The tangy ceasar dressing was a perfect foil to the meaty-richness of the steak.

Fries, Salad, popcorn shrimps


A perfect bar chow and a delicious lunch or dinner fare, Outback's Crisp Volcano Shrimp  retains its crisp exterior despite being slathered with it sauce that had sriracha in it. So you taste a balance of sweet, savory with a little kick. The result is an addicting dish you can not help but reach for time and time again.

Visualize home made barbecue sauce, pulled pork from baby back ribs,, ranch dressing all over the French fries. The result is a starter that is filling, satisfying  and easily a favorite in the table.

A refreshing beverage composed of pomegranate, sangria , topped with sprite. This drink is what you will need to counterbalance the richness of the previous fares served

Similar to Four seasons. This strawberry puree-clamansi-mango-orange-sparkling-soda concoction is one of the must-try drinks in Outback's New Menu.

With succulent fish taco that were at once tender, delicate and flavorful, this variant was easily the most memorable taco yet. Its combination with mango salsa and home-made chimichurri was simply scrumptious. A bit of sriracha and it would make a perfect dish.

With arugula leaf topped with monterey cheddar cheese, this was one tasty taco indeed. Loved the home made  creamy chimichurri 

I can still taste that Black Pepper Crusted  Steak   we enjoyed yesterday. That was some amazing, tender and flavorful protein I wouldnt mind ordering everyday.

Overall,  22  years later, Outback still amazed. Their steaks are still to die for and their home made sauces a marvel. Quite enjoyed their new taco especially the Mango Fish variant.

Definitely returning with the piggery in tow.

Outback is still there at its old location at the ground floor Glorietta Complex Makati

Outback Steakhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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