Thursday, July 25, 2019

Nothing titillates my palate more  than the thought of  relishing and savoring Japanese food. Yes I love everything Japanese. Been in love since my first taste of sushi and sashimi and our first visit to the Land of the Rising Sun  4 years ago.

So it goes without saying that an invite to try a new Japanese restaurant sparked happiness and excitement to this foodie-mom-of-4.

Yesterday, we were privileged to have been invited to try Mitsuyado Shukoda Ramen at the Top of the Glo in Glorietta.

Japan Town is fast becoming a highly recommended place of mine to friends and family who crave Japanese cuisine.

Did you know.... ?

If the first name  sounds familiar, it is because it is related to that  tsukemen place in Jupiter. It is especially memorable to the family because it was where we first tried dipping our noodles in cheese! Yum!

Lest be misconstrued though, let us qualify that Mitsuyado Shokudo Ramen is different from the Mitsuyado Sei Men resto that we know.

Although sister restaurant with Seimen, Shokudo Ramen is more casual with its cafeteria-like vibe reminiscent of  noodle houses in Japan. 

Self-service style, you go to the counter to order your ramen which can be standard or custom and then move forward to choose from a plethora of sides which can be anything from karaage, pork cutlet, gyoza, mushroom kakiage to name a few.


Spacious compared to those noodle places  in the Land of the Rising Sun, the words  - tidy, orderly, pristine  cum industrial and hip comes to mind.  

Corrugated roof  with plastered colored magazines for wall paired with broken white glossy mosaic tiles 

Warm wood on the counter against the stainless steel of the kitchen  

Small barrel drums and wooden slat chairs , wooden tables. Huge concrete slab of a glossy black-tiled table akin to kitchen islands

The Food

Bespoke Ramen?  Yes you can  create your own ramen. Select from various toppings ie  charsiu, sukiyaki, ajitama, boneless pork chop and 10-12 other  toppings. This number can increase in the coming months

Or you can just choose from the restaurant's Ramen selection

Red Spicy Ramen P180

Hakata Ramen , White Original Hakata  Tonkotsu Ramen P180 , Black Garlic and Green Matcha P180

Donburi Options

Like to try options other than ramen? You can with Mitsuyado Ramen Shokudo's Donburi bowls.

                                                                             Ebi Tempura Don P220

You can also select their Pork Cutlet Ricebowl Don P200, Chicken Karaage Don P200, Boneless Porkchop Don P200

Overall,  I found it amazing how  affordable Mitsuyado Ramen Shukoda's ramen, sides and donburi bowls are.

Order their Charsiu Ramen P280 if you are at a loss as to which ramen you would like  to try. I chose it because it has the most charsiu among the other ramen variants  and I love charsiu. Broth was delicious and the noodles perfectly hard which I liked.

I paired it with Karaage  and Ebi Tempura Don P220 just so I can have a lot of photos for my content. In reality, the Charsiu Ramen is more than enough for me. Ebi and karaage though were really good too.

I can not wait to bring the piggery and the handsome hubby here to try the other ramen or perhaps even make my own

Check them out and let me know how it turns out for you.

See you there!

MITSUYADO RAMEN SHUKODA  is located at Japan Town at the Top of The Glo.

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