Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Meandering while at Bo's

Theo & Philo comes in bars and powder

So found myself at  Bo's yesterday morning scrutinizing their Theo & Philo chocolate bars while wondering  how they will taste mixed with coffee.

With a huge mug of  piping hot mocha in my hand  ( hot driinks  taste better with mugs ), I sat down by the window to watch the world pass by.

I wish haha.

I had to eat something before I hit the gym. I usually end up not finishing my zumba class or my 1 hour cardio when I do not get some sustenance before I work out. Think cold sweats and trembling knees. I know . Scary right.

But I digress.

Bo's Mocha,  white chocolate cookie and grilled chicken pesto sandwich

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Wondered what made this sandwich so delicious. So took a photoup close haha. Must be the combination of the  freshly made batard, pesto sauce, tomato . Now how did they make that chicken breast so juicy!
Theo & Philo comes in bars and powder

Crunchy fresh tasting batard. Can not get over the bread. Fascinated by them. I used to bake all kinds from scratch before at home.  Yes with yeast.  Feels like eons ago when its only been a year... or 2 . Makes me want to pick up my rolling pin and start kneading dough again...seriously

Moving on.

I love their hot mocha too. Are you a milk chocolate or  dark variant person?

So quite enjoyed my Theo & Philo dark-chocolate-infused hot mocha. Not too sweet.  Dark chocolate goodness distinct while blending well with the espresso. It just hits the spot especially with the Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich.

Pleasantly surprised that Theo & Philo is a local artisanal brand.  It sounded well, foreign. But I googled them and turned out their home-grown. Nice!

Took a second look at the bars and realized how interesting their chocolates are. Milk Chocolate Adobo? How about Dark Chocolate with Labuyo Chili.

Wow definitely returning to try all of them. Apparently there are 8 variants including one with Calamansi. Still thinking how the adobo would taste though. Chocolate with adobo . Just can not wrap my mind around it haha

Bo's Coffee is located at the ground floor of Glorietta 5

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