Wednesday, May 15, 2019

sentro 1771

It was my first time at Sentro 1771. We were there earlier upon the invite of  Tang for their advocacy dubbed #uHawAreYou? , an awareness campaign geared towards bridging the  "hydration gap" ( see press release below)

Apparently dehydration affects most children. With the summer heat and all, it is not hard to imagine why this is so.

How does Tang come into the picture? As a hack as Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, shared.  Tang has a very refreshing and fruity taste plus it comes with 100% Vitamin C. Kids are more inclined to drink  something  colorful and  sweet.   According to Tang, the sugar content is only 4 grams per sachet so  parents can set their concerns aside re too much sugar.

While this is ongoing, my inner foodie checked out Sentro 1771's spread. It was an interesting motley of  Pinoy food with a twist.

Check out their   Vegetable Spring Rolls, Rated GG (galunggong) P295,  corned beef sinigang , lechon kawali and grilled chicken barbecue sticks...

Loved their Vegetable Sprill Rolls which comes in solo P169.99 or sharing P299. Deep fried spring rolls stuffed with sweet potato Baguio beans, cabbage , etc comes alive when dipped in vinegar...yum!

Fillet of deboned galunggong swimming in  hopefully olive oil and garlic. This will be amazingly good with sinangag or fried rice and best eaten with egg and a hot cup of coffee at breakfast
Sinigang na Corned Beef 
S- P319.99 SH-Sharing P639.99 F-Family P988.99

A specialty of the house, corned beef  and boneless beef shanks are  boiled in tamarind broth with native vegetables. There was the perfect balance of acidity  and umami. Corned Beef were tender and flavorful. No wonder it is a house specialty.

Lechon Kawali P390 was crispy outside and tender and moist inside. They also served Grilled Chicken Barbecue P450  which were outstanding as well.

I guess my only issue was how small the plates were .

Overall,  I quite enjoyed the food that was serve earlier. May have to drag the hubby to the nearest Sentro 1771 though to get more up close and personal with the rest of the items in the menu of the restaurant.

SENTRO 1771 is locate at Capitol Commons in Pasig.


#uHawAreYou Awareness Campaign and Hydration Gap

Is your child dehydrated? A serious yet often-overlooked matter that parents need to pay more attention to, dehydration affects most Filipino children. A study on hydration by the Food and Nurtrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Techonology states that 83% of Filipino kids are not drinking enough to keep them hydrated and healthy.

"Water is not the only source of hydration. The food and different beverages that we take everyday are also important sources of water in addition to plain drinking water  to help the body hydrate..." - Dr. Florentino 

With the help of Ms.Bianca Gonzalez-Intal as host, Tang proceeded with its campaign to increase awareness about HYDRATION GAP.  

Dubbed #uHawAreYou?  . Tang brings to the fore an otherwise  ignored and potentially dangerous situation when left unchecked. Tang hopes that through increased awareness parents can monitor the health and well being of their child by constantly monitoring their liquid intake.

Follow #uHawAreYou on social media for updates on their campaign.

Sentro 1771 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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