Monday, May 27, 2019

Of Coffee, Adlai, Brunch, etc

What's in the name...?

Interesting how Caravan Black came about  . Per co founder Miguel,  it was how coffee traveled back in the day -  by caravans. Think of the resto as the modern day equivalent of the caravans of yore. Quite a romantic concept dont you think ...

I just love their high ceiling

Leather chairs are a  nice touch

What beans?

As you step into the restaurant, your eyes are drawn to the mural of  a world map on one wall. It is quite impressive because the lofty ceiling  made it look massive. The colored countries are where coffee is grown in the world.

To date, Caravan Black serves  Colombian and Brazilian variant for their espresso. For their filtered coffee, V60 and aeropress, they source their beans from Bukidnon.

Why coffee...?

"In coffee shops compared to restos ..different interaction.  In restos you are behind the scenes. Product is good but if you dont have interaction its not  the complete has more interaction with customers..."
                                                                                                            - co founder Miguel

Other than coffee though which I loved,  what I was delighted to find out was they also have  healthy savory items in their menu  much like Wholesome Table or Green Pastures...

What is Adlai?

This perpetually-on-a-diet-foodie-mom-of-4  was delighted with this find on  their menu!

Flatlay by the fabulous @johnbunag @welovetoeatph

Ever heard of ADLAI? Heard of it but never tried it until today.

Adlai is a delicious grain that is high in fiber, low glycemic, gluten free and a healthier alternative to rice and pasta. Grown in Malaybaylay Bukidnon, this heirloom grain helps you lower blood sugar and cholesterol without sacrificing thte feel of eatin grice. It has high food energy content that keeps you fuller much longer so you can lose weight ( only 160 calories for cup of 160 grams ) without losing energy  (

Check out their   SIGNATURE GRAIN BOWLS ...

Naked Chorizo P360
That home made naked chorizo  was scrumptious! Paired with  the 7 minute egg, citrusy kale, house made pickled radish, shallots and kimchi seasonal grain mix, it was a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Smoked Salmon and Garlic Yoghurt P430

My first thought? Pricey.

But then when the bowl was served and I saw how generous the portion of the smoked salmon were and how delicious the whole bowl was, my conclusion? Value for money.

Lamb Adobo P400

Happy that the lamb was not gamy at all. No weird smell that I normally attribute to lamb. The meat was tender , flavorful and delicious.

Overall,  the ADLAI  also called "Job's Tears" looked a lot like rice but tasted more like pasta  - a very al dente pasta. You have to masticate thoroughly. It was filling  and satisfying. It was wonderful how Caravan Black matched all Signature Grain Bowl variants with citrusy kale and tomatoes (many ways).

This foodie-mom-on-a-perpetual-diet finished her bowl with nary a twinge of guilt. 

CARAVAN BLACK is located at the Ground Floor of Net Lima Building in BGC Taguig a few steps from Manam and Wild Flour and just beside Steak The First.

Caravan Black Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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