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Tucked in an innocuous street in a quiet corner in  San Juan , Araullo Gastropub's nondescript facade  and  urban-themed interior  dominated by a colorful graffiti in one wall  belies the magic that happens in the kitchen that can rival the food that is served in posh venues

Check out the impressive dishes that were  served to us yesterday ....

Omg that FOIE GRAS ANGUS BURGER takes one's breath away. We can not believe how huge that foie gras was sitting prettily atop that  emmental-covered-Angus-patty  all sandwiched by what-tasted like freshly baked brioche. We were told by Restaurant Manager Ms. Lerma though that they source their bread from a supplier.

That Foie Gras which @gomanila 's Ed jestingly referred as the "leche flan" tasted amazing as  it should be. The angus burger was unbelievably juicy , meaty and grilled  just so. The brioche held its shape and texture despite the challenge brought about by the juicy meat patty.

All the elements are perfect by itself. But when married together in one mouthful.... ambrosia

This is  not in the menu yet but you can order it already.

Price is P550 without the foie gras. Add P200 for the decadent foie :)

The aroma alone wafting from this grilled meat, was enough  to make the group drool haha. Seared outside, pink inside. It was perfectly medium rare just the way I want my steak...yum!

A new discovery! One that Im excited to share to the piggery and the handsome hubby.  Loved the chimichurri-porchetta combo . Very doable for this homecook-mom-of-4. Quite easy to include in hopefully my adventures and not MISadventures in the kitchen haha

P420 with squash puree, shimeji, cherry tomatoes and chimichurri

With those steaks, we badly needed carbs. Praise the heavens for SEAFOOD PASTA. I was expecting to be underwhelmed by this dish considering the spotlight on the meat at yesterday's lunch. But this one surprised with its al dente spaghetti, succulent shrimps and fat mussels....yum!

I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw this. My palate was parched , aching for something acidic and fresh to get a brief reprieve from all those sinfully meaty offerings.  Loved the use of dragon fruit and calamansi. The sweetness from the fruit was the perfect foil for the sourness of the calamansi.

Overall,  only a collective ooh and ahh plus interjections of omg's were heard as we attacked  the sous vide Tenderloin , rib eye , porchetta, gambas, etc. This went on for a several minutes as each mouthful of the steaks transported us briefly to nirvana

Carnivores will get a kick out of Araullo's food  not only because of the sensational steaks but also because of their amazing Angus burger with or without the Foie Gras. But of course, I would prefer mine with FG.

Must return to try the drinks next time. It is a gastropub after all.

Definitely returning with the piggery in tow.

ARAULLO GASTROPUB is located at Addition Hills in San Juan. Check out their details at Zomato app. They are open for dinner everyday except Mondays and lunch from Friday to Sundays only.

Thank you for having us Araullo Gastropub and @crisibanez for the invite .

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