Saturday, May 11, 2019


It was indeed   THE ROYAL TREATMENT by Solaire and it was absolutely grand!

We got our tickets  in the form of a wrist band. So convenient!

You can buy your tickets online via ticketworld or  pay at the event venue itself . My mom and pa-in-law enjoyed their 20 % senior discount.

The  process of  buying the tickets was fast and uneventful.

There was a bit of confusion on the part of security  at the entrance while waiting for the venue to open. Blame it on the excitement of mothers to have a good time and the lack of foresight of  the people manning the  entrance. But it was all sorted out in no time.

Upon entering, we saw this vista....

2400 sq meter huge venue that can seat 1000-1200 people at any one time. The first sight of that gargantuan space with predominantly red-crystal-silver-gold-black theme was amazing.

Red carpet in the middle. Silver tiffany chairs on rows upon rows of  long tables covered with crisp white linen. Classical music playing in the background. Crystal chandeliers that looked like  sparkling jewels reflecting the light. Roses-festooned-ceilings and walls. Fresh, if I may add.  Servers in smart black uniform with gold name tags.  Islands of buffet area to minimize crowding and long queues.

I have never seen so many lobsters , prawns, mussels, oysters in my life....

There was also lechon....

And the desserts!

Omg they tasted as amazing as they look. My eyes lapped them all up initially. Then landed on my waiting palate eventually haha

They were  a sight to behold. Those cakes, mousse, freshly baked donuts,  choco fountain were so colorful and beautifully presented,  I was not able to help myself. Rose infused macarons, lemon mousse and  fruits and cream in a jar became my appetizer.

Of course with desserts , coffee and tea are not far behind. The best part was they were also included in the buffet along with other fruit juices. Wow!

Overall, the  spread was deserving of its monicker THE ULTIMATE BUFFET not only in quantity but also in quality.   Still cant stop waxing poetry over those succulent lobsters and oysters

To top it all, 3 crooners serenaded us one after the other   while we were enjoying the feast. My mom was thrilled beyond words!

Servers were alert, knowledgeable and cheerful. Ambiance was elegant and posh. Food and dessert were topnotch

It was indeed THE ROYAL TREATMENT  as far as Im concerned. And for only P2444, it was a steal

Thank you to the piggery, my handsome hubby and  congratulations Solaire for a successful event. It was indeed a celebration befitting a queen.


You call her Nanay, Inang, Mamu, Mommy, Ma, Mother, Momsie, Inay,  with love, affection, endearment. But sometimes frustration, exasperation, anger, resignation  as well.

No matter the rollercoaster of emotions towards the only  person in your life who has been there for you from day 1,  through all the seasons , through the highs and lows, triumphs and defeat,  hers is an unconditional love that can not be trumped even by the current love of your life.

Your beaus may come and go. But your mom is behind you always, ready to support you.  Yes she will judge, give unsolicited advice, and generally annoy you at every turn. But  a mom is a mom and as sure as the sun sets and rises, her love for you will never waiver

So in this one commercial-laden day of the year. Let us indulge her whims and wants. Let her be your Royal Highness, your Queen. After all she is deserving of the title if only for her  big heart and selfless love towards you.

Check out Solaire's offering this year...

The Ultimate Buffet Series presents you with a majestic bash for all moms in “The Royal Treatment: A Mother’s Day Celebration” happening at The Tent. See and hear top Filipino artists Bo Cerrudo, Chad Borja and Gino Padilla perform and serenade you as you enjoy a delectable spread for lunch and dinner fit for a Queen. Tickets are at Php2,000+* for adults, Php1,000+* for children 7 to 12 years old, while kids below 6 years old can dine for free.

Fresh, an all-day dining buffet restaurant, makes sure that your Mother’s Day Sunday is well spent with the family. Enjoy a hearty International Buffet for lunch and dinner for Php2,600+* per person inclusive of wine beer and selected non-alcoholic beverages. Moms will get to enjoy special cocktails and mocktails just for them.

Red Lantern lets you treat your mom like a queen with abundant flavors from China. Enjoy the delicious variety of dim sum selections and other Chinese specialties with the Dim Sum Lunch Buffet priced at Php1,688+* per person. Two special Mother’s Day Set Menus are also available for lunch and dinner starting at Php1,888+* per person. Moms will also get complimentary mocktails for a more enjoyable meal.


Say “thank you” to mom the Japanese way by surprising her with authentic delicacies from Japan only at Yakumi. Savor your special time with your mom with a relaxed Brunch Buffet for Php 2,688+* per person or a more memorable celebration with a Dinner Set Menu starting at Php 3,288+* per person. She will also get a lovely gift from some of her favorite luxe beauty brands.

For some quality time in the afternoon with the most special woman in your life, head to Oasis and avail of their month-long Tea Party for Mom offer priced at Php 1,388+* with an option to upgrade to a Hendrick’s tea cocktail by adding Php500, all while listening to soothing piano melodies.

Be more adventurous and take your mom out on a date to experience a medley of flavors at Waterside. Latin-inspired favorites come in a fiesta of platters with Paella Valenciana at Php1,990+*, Escabeche de Pescado for Php3,000+* and a seafood platter for Php3,600+*. This offer is available for the whole month of May, so you can do repeat celebrations or plan an additional treat for your mom.

For a fine dining choice, indulge with a celebration at Finestra. Spend Mother’s Day savoring beautifully grilled steaks and modern Italian classics paired with the most exquisite wines for lunch or dinner. Enjoy your stay with us while listening to live musical renditions of your favorite songs

Celebrate with SOLAIRE   and give her royal highness your mom the royal treatment that she deserves.

For more details and reservations please call 888-8888, or email

*Price is inclusive of 12% VAT and subject to 10% service charge.


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