Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Dinner at High Street Cafe

It takes a very special occasion for the handsome hubby and I to accede to a request for dinner buffet.

We try to eat very light at dinner because well there is really no way to burn all those calories at night. I cant see myself doing the treadmill or some other form of exercise just to get rid of  all the food I ate at dinner.

But it was bunso's graduation day and his special request was a buffet. There was no going around it and the last time we had buffet at night was like eons ago. So off we went to High Street Cafe.

We actually love High Street Cafe because of their exceptional service.  We have been here several times but all of it for breakfast or brunch.

So it was our first time to enjoy their dinner buffet.

What I loved ?

The Laksa.  I said it before and Ill say it again. High Street Cafe's version is hands down my favorite in the whole of the metro.

The Seafood section .Simply loved the sweet and obvious fresh and high quality shrimps. I also liked that we can have it cooked in the Chinese Food section, whichever way we like

The Cheese and Charcuterie Section.
I love cheese. The more kinds there are , the better

What I was disappointed in ?

Sadly, the desserts.

First the macarons.  The macarons looked so perfect sitting in huge jars sorted by colors, I  just stood there staring at them and drooling.

Alas they were dry and tasted stale. Even the filling have hardened from the length of stay in the jar? But the  Dessert server manning the station says they make their macarons everyday.

In that case if those are fresh macarons I just tasted, then they are in more serious trouble. I wonder if they used almond powder on them because I did not discern any almond taste.

Second those beautiful and dainty cakes.

Mango Passion Tart - loved the tanginess but the crust was almost bland.
Orange Tiramisu - looked gorgeous with its deep orange color and  round shell which you need to break to get inside.  In its core is chiffon cake which tasted dry

Exotic banana mango - the flavors did not work for me

Mint dark chocolate - again the cake itself is dry

Soul Gold - the chocolate dome/mousse (?) tasted bland and didnt pair well with the biscuit-like base

Let me just say though that in contrast,  my son's celebratory chocolate mousse cake was amazingly good. The chocolate was pure heaven on the palate.

So how to reconcile the fact that some desserts are really good compared to others ? Perhaps there are two different pastry chefs?

Oh well, that chocolate mousse cake  really saved the day for the desserts.


It was a lovely experience having the whole family celebrate a milestone. High Street Cafe remains a favorite despite the  misses.

Perhaps we should just stick to the breakfast buffet from hereon haha.

High Street Cafe - Shangri-La at the Fort Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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