Friday, April 26, 2019


BEEFIER seems a generic name  to use for a stall. But at Grid Power Plant, it fits the food market's brief to a T.

Per Ms. Eli Uy (marketing) , Beefier is just a few weeks old  and  known as  stall number 6 in The Grid Food Market. Beefier is part of  the Low Brow Group which has in its roster known brands such as Wrong Ramen, Bad Bird , Fowl Bread, Hole in the Wall, etc.

Only a few weeks old having opened only in March, it is attracting quite a following for its scrumptious burgers and steaks .

Last week we tried the following;

400 grams of succulent, tender, high quality ribeye any carnivore would die for. Perfectly cooked medium rare, it is worth every peso of its price.

Perfect Ceasar Salad P440
Beefier Burger P250
Imagine beef  freshly ground from their kitchen upon order. Served with custom made potato buns. You can also order their Cheeseburger which they call CHEESIER P290 or their BEEFIEST P490 which is prime steak cut burger.

Iced Tea or fries is P60 . Iced Tea and Fries P90. Extra bacon P90. Extra patty P150

Now that is a BEEFIER BURGER. You can taste the difference between frozen meat and freshly ground beef. Patty was meaty and flavorful. Its juices and fat coat your palate lovingly. The potato bun holds its shape  against the succulent protein.  It does not turn soggy or mushy..The bacon and cheese elevate the flavors delightfully. For P250 plus P90 for bacon, its a steal.

Ceasar Salad is a bit on the pricey side. Not ordering this .

The steak is another winner and a must try. Yes pricey but you get what you pay for in every bite.

Beefier's  house brewed iced tea is also a must try and so are their fries.

Check them out at Stall no 6 in THE GRID FOOD MARKET second floor Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati

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