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It was our first time in Uma Uma

Wonderful to know that apparently Uma Uma is an international franchise from Fukuoka Japan.

Having fallen in love with Japan since our first trip about 4 years ago and succeeding trips thereafter, we can not wait to try the food here.

What does Uma Uma mean? Per their Marketing Lady Ms. Nikki, Uma Uma is a play on the word umami which means delicious

To celebrate Uma Uma's  six and a half decades of making delicious UMAzing Ramen, they are introducing  the Uma Uma Family Feast


2 Ramen

Choose from among 8 kinds of ramen in the menu for your Family Feast . Last  Sunday, we chose Uma Uma Ramen and Garlic Ramen.

I loved how springy  and flavorful the Hakata Ramen noodles were which is what Uma Uma is famous for.

Hakata ramen originates form Hakata district of Fukuoka city in Kyushu. It has a rich, milky, pork-bone  onkotsu broth and rather thin, non-curly, resilient noodles  - Wikipedia

2 Mini Donburi

 Both Pork chasiu and Karaage were delicious.  Chasiu were tender and flavorful. Karaage had a crunchy exterior with tender chicken inside. A little caveat though you may not be able to help yourself and order extra rice.

1 one bite Gyoza
Gyoza although a bit on the oily side were nonetheless flavorful. I did not even feel the need to dip them in their usual sauce. Their size was expectedly smaller than what we are used to. But hey its a one-bite gyoza

1 Yakitori Plate
Omg all five sticks just whetted our appetite for more. Good thing the prices per stick are wallet friendly.

1 Dashi Maki Tamago

Do you like eggs? We do for as long as its the Japanese omelette version. I can eat them eggs even if they are cold.

4 green tea

It refreshes and almost acts as sorbet (if you will), cutting through the richness of the ramen and gyoza. You can have it served hot or cold

4 ice cream

I was only able to taste the matcha ice cream. But it was so good. Silky and creamy, it  caressed my tongue so lovingly then imprinted its flavor distinctly. 

Alas I was not able to try their black sesame seed variant. Judging from the clean plates though and the fact that no one thought to leave me even a teaspoonful, Id  say the piggery loved it.

A la carte vs. Family Feast?  

As was my custom, I  listed all the items in Family Feast to compare with the prices in the menu to determine how much my savings would be if  I just ordered A la Carte...

2 Ramen                                       P390 x 2        P780
2 Mini Donburi                            P220 x 2        P440
1 Dashi Maki Tamago                  P190              P190
1 One Bite Gyoza                         P190              P190
1Yakitori Plate                              P220              P220
4 Iced tea                                       P35 x 4         P140
4  Ice cream                                   P90 x 4         P360

TOTAL                                                                P2320

What do you know? This budget-conscious mom is happy to note that I get a  hefty savings of  P340 with the Family Feast Meal.  I can just add P50 and I get another bowl of Ramen or add P10 and get a whole bowl of  Pork Chasiu.

Value for money ?
Most definitely yes ( see above).  Moreover, the family gets to enjoy the original Hakata Ramen served with aromatic tonkotsu stock made according to an age-old secret family recipe which  made Uma Uma famous in Fukuoka Japan.  Truly enjoyed the noodles and the  flavorful broth.

Delicious broth, fantastic noodles, friendly service, international franchise from Japan, good price points, What's not to love?

Uma Uma  is located at the 5th floor The Podium Mall ADB Avenue Ortigas Mandaluyong City.

Uma Uma Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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