Wednesday, March 13, 2019


New Resto Find Alert!

Just across  Yabu in Glorietta is a surprise find.

Nic's  is a beautiful resto decked out in black-white-gold-red theme that is reminiscent of the glam NY we see in  glossy magazines

From the outside Nic's  looks spanking new,  well appointed and evokes a posh vibe that  spells out "expensive"

When I perused the menu though, I was pleasantly surprised how reasonable their price are.

We tried the following :

Crispy pork and chicken stewed in a Spanish  marinade of garlic,  vinegar, spices. 
Shredded and fried to a crisp. Served with garlic rice and sunny side up egg
Loved how crisp and flavorful the adobo hash was  sans the oiliness one would assume in such a dish. It is reminiscent of my mom's adobo hash which was a favorite and which I pine for from time to time.

Blue Cheese Pizza P345
Thin crust pizza topped with blue cheese, mozzarella, jamon serrano, honey and arugula

The funky taste of blue cheese sometimes turn people off. Yes it is an acquired taste. I guess I have "aqcuired" it  because it is one of my favorite cheese ever. The combination of the blue cheese with the saccharine honey, the nutty arugula and the savory jamon serrano was a match made in foodie heaven. Can not get over the buttery creaminess of the blue cheese and its distinct flavor....yum!

French Toast
Crunchy , sweet and addicting, its not impossible to imagine finishing an order by myself specially when paired with crispy bacon or country sausage....scrumptious!

Among the 12 cake variants served to us, what stood out for me was their Peach Walnut Torte P175/slice  P1495 whole. Per Ms. Nicole  the eponym of the restaurant and its owner,  4 of their cakes have been mentioned in Inquirer's best desserts at one time or another in 4 consecutive years. One of which is Peach Walnut Torte. I understood why, after  a mouthful.

The texture of the meringue and walnut contrasted beautifully with the silkiness of the cream and succulence of the good. Think  Conti's Mango Bravo but using peach instead of mango.


Quite excited to bring the piggery here.   My favorites are the  Crispy Adobo Flakes, Chicken Parmigiana Pasta and the Blue Cheese Pizza. 

I can not wait to try all the items on the menu while  basking in the wonderful ambiance of Nic's and enjoying top notch service without breaking the bank.

Nic's is open from 11am onwards.

See you there!

NIC'S is located at the ground floor of Park Terraces condominium along Palm Drive across Yabu in Glorietta.

NIC'S Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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