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"Max's has just what you need to fit your mood each day..."

Indeed how clever it is for Max's Kabisera to incorporate music and food to our mood.   It is true that our cravings are mood-centric. When we feel sad, we eat our favorite cuisine to  lift us up from the doldrums. When we are happy, we celebrate with the most expensive item in the menu. Much like music, a song can transport us to feelings of euphoria  or  melancholia

'We understand our customers when they say that their mood affects the food they want to eat. That is why we want to make sure that whatever mood they are in, they can always come to Max's Restaurant and enjoy a bowl of rice topped with their all-time Pinoy favorites ' -PAOLO SERRANO, Max's Chief Operating Officer

Max's Kabisera

2 brands in one? Why not ?

Max's Kabisera joined forces a few months back to give us its loyal diners a bit of  each restaurants much-loved recipes in one venue.

So you will find the classic Max's chicken here alongside Kabisera's famous chicken skin


A two-story edifice with high ceiling, its wood-industrial-homey-garden feels  is pleasing to all senses. It was spacious, airy and conducive to families or friends bonding together

I can stay here all day in this marvelous cocoon which is a haven of coolness against the scorching heat outside.


The concept of rice bowls is not really unique  to Max's Kabisera. You have dotonbori from the Japanese cuisine while the Chinese have their bowls of rice toppings.

Max's actually started serving their bowl variants in 2017. Per Chef,  the restaurant just "maxified" their core products by incorporating it in a Max's bowl.

Originally conceptualize with single people in mind,  the idea is to celebrate individuality not necessarily isolation. So 4 friends can order their preferred bowl and can share to everyone so each friend can experience the others' bowls.

The first 7 bowls introduced in 2017 are ...

  • Sizzling Chicken Bowl
  • Beef Caldereta
  • Adobo Ribs
  • Crispy Pata
  • Kare Kare Rice Bowl
  • Bangus Belly Paksiw Rice Bowl
  • Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce
Enter Max's Kabisera New 4 Bowls...

New Bowls Variant introduced...

Attended a Private Tasting Event by Max's Kabisera yesterday. They  had new 4 bowls of rice which will be available to the public soon

shrimp, squid, fish slow cooked in creamy peanut sauce
Sauce was thick, rich and deliciously peanut (y). Shrimp, squid and fish were succulent and fresh-tasting.

deep fried tofu cubes tossed in a special spicy mayo base  serve with a side of fried egg and rice
An all-time favorite of the family, this dish did not disappoint despite not being served n a sizzling plate. Flavors were spot on. Portion was just right for one person.

breaded  creamy dory slathered with a combination of sweet and tangy sauce
This is just in time for the Lenten Season which began with Ash Wednesday  March 5. Fish fillet was crunchy outside while retaining its moistness and flakiness inside.

sauteed fresh vegetables, pork, shrimp and chicken liver and gizzard
Vegetables were crisp and crunchy. Sauce was flavorful. Health-conscious individuals will love this variant.


74 year old iconic Pinoy brand Max's  amazes with its tenacity to remain up there in a sea of upstarts  that seem to crop up front, left , right and center.

It would do well for newbies to learn from the master in terms of creativity and longevity.

I still can not get over their mood-centric bowls of rice. Indeed Max's is well prepared for anyone's mood for the day with its over 10  Max's rice bowls which starts at P149.

Good food that is friendly on the pocket. What's not to love?

Check them out now and let me know how it turns out for you.

MAX'S KABISERA is located at B3 Bonifacio High Street   7th Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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