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Masarap Nga Meet and Eat at Novotel

" I dont want Masarap Ba? to remain just another witty account I want to make this journey more meaningful by lifting others up. And it was through this community of supportive "ka-kultos" that I found the courage and  support to go beyond food reviews  and extend help by  getting established brands like Novotel to engage these SME's  and appreciate their concepts and products" -  Kat Abaan Jr. aka Masarap Ba?

As a self-confessed ka-kulto (cult follower) and fan of  Masarap ba?, it was quite exciting to be in the same room as the famed Masarap ba? progenitor despite the fact that I had no idea what she looked like.  It adds to the mystery and fascination of her persona. Yes, Masarap ba? is a she with an alias that is as witty as her captions .. Kat Abaan Jr. :)

To be in the same room with Masarap ba?  aka Kat Abaan Jr. and her select favorites  were enough for me. I would rather she  remain an unanswered question so I can focus more on the delectable dishes that were "masarap-ba?-approved".

Who or What is Masarap ba?

Masarap ba?
is an IG account that  has grown a following of more than 200k  for its in-your-face  and brutally candid review that divides itself into just two questions.

Masarap ba o Hindi Masarap?

There is no grey area  in Masarap Ba's world.  Woe to the restaurant or the entrepreneur who's product was declared as Hindi Masarap.

What is delightful about Masarap ba's? caption  is  that her review done in local-more-often-than-not colorful vernacular  is so relatable  ,  anyone can  easily emphatize  or  can snicker and guffaw about  it with friends and family who are more often than not kakulto themselves.

The words witty, funny, scathing harsh , etc comes to mind.


Registration Booth during the event

What is the  Novotel Manila connection?

@loveradiomanila's @nicolehyala

Well it just so happen that Masarap ba? just loves Novotel Manila's  The Food Exchange Buffet restaurant specifically their Indian food, home-made corned beef , cheese bread and  Gelato at Indulge.
Mr.Mike Brown General Manager of  Novotel Manila Araneta  Center and Novotel Chefs

From March 29 to April 7  current and would be ka-kultos have the chance to taste Masarap ba's?  handpicked local products  numbering 17 in all.

Ms. Kelly Austria PR Lady of Masarap ba? and Mr. Mike Brown of Novotel Manila

They  are...

Mad Meat's Home Made Bacon
Their pork belly is from France.  They are cured for a week, then smoked for 12 hours in various fruit woods ie santol, maple , apple etc

Beth's classic Chicken Galantina
A unique chicken galantina that uses chicken all throughout. Perfect for those who are avoiding pork. Beth's Classic Chicken Galantina was featured in Unang Hirit and Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho after Masarap ba? featured her product

Roast Beef   and Baked Salmon by Benedicto Kitchen
I was not able to taste the Roast Beef and Baked Salmon, unfortunately. Gives me more reason to return to Food Exchange until April 7 

Binagoongan and Chicken Flakes by Mishee's
A mom entrepreneur,  it all started with her picky-eater-daughter Calleigh. Sometimes moms really need to don their  thinking/creative hat  to discover new ways to pique the interest of our kids while avoiding any food wastage. 

Mishee is an example of success we would like to emulate. Left over chicken adobo were made into adobo flakes, binagoongan into binagoongan flakes and pork into crispy pork adobo flakes.

Che-Che's Gourmet Tuyo with salted egg and Pestuyo

Originally from Baguio, Che Che's gourmet  tuyo was born out of the children's love  for their parents

Novotel created a dish that would incorporate Che Che's gourmet pestuyo . Per Novotel's Chef, they used Che Che's Pestuyo  instead of pesto and anchovies 

Salmon Roulade with Cream Cheese by La Petite Fromagerie

The family who owns La Petite Fromagerie had  apparently in the food business for 80 years.

They are into cheese catering , selling their own line of signature spreads suh as Truffle Cream Cheese Spread, Camem-beer (a combo of camembert cheese and Belgian Beer) and the famous TNT spread or Taba ng Talangka spread

They also have a subscription cheese box for cheese lovers to enjoy.

Mental note - another item I would have to taste when I return with the piggery before the Masarap ba? collab with Novotel ends on April 7

Zero Sugar Peanut Butter by Gng Bukid

A home-based activity initially , they began their first retail operation in 2004.

Gng Bukid is known as one of the pioneers in Salcedo  Village Saturday Market. They also sell their products at Quezon City's leading bazaar and Centris sSidcor Sunday Market

Crab in Papa Bear's Chili Oil

'Sharing good food with the family leads to good things..."

Per Papa Bear, it all started out with a Sunday cook off with his mom. He realized that a culinary background was something he would like to pursue. Pretty soon this lead him to  a culinary career abroad which refined his taste

Chili oil was one of the family's favorite and they usually give samples to relatives and friends. The response was amazing so the next step from a hobby to small business became a natural  recourse.

Novotel's Chef  Chili Oil Crab  is something to look forward to when you dine at Food Exchange Buffet.

Tamago Chips
What an interesting way to make use of Tamago Chips. This is one dish I am looking forward to replicating at home and impressing the piggery and the handsome hubby with. Tamago chips in lieu of sesame seed for crunch? Great idea!

Eddy's Old Style Chicharrones

Paella with chicharrones for texture. Why not ?

Mango Grill Manila's  Cheesy Cassava Cake

An heirloom recipe from the family since 1994,  this scrumptious Cheesy Cassava Cake originated in Sorsogon Bicol.

Their cakes have no additives nor  any artificial flavor. They source their ingredients from Sorsoganon farmers so the product is 100% farmed and baked by Bicolanos

Can I just say it is worth every peso of its P400 price tag and the hefty delivery charge.  I know there are a lot of cassava cake in the metro that is just 1/4 Mango Grill Manila's price.  But you get what you pay for here in every mouthful. I can not stop eating the darn thing. It is so addicting huhu

64% Dark Chocolate Tart by Halfsaints

What a  perfect contrast to Mango Grill Manila's Cassava Cake. You have to order them both though to find out for yourself haha. Talk about rich , silky, sinful dark chocolate. Dont forget to add a sprinkle of  salt if you are not fortunate to have the cassava cake. That would be enough to bring out the decadent chocolaty taste  sourced  from a local supplier Auro from Davao.

Auro Chocolate Cacao from Davao

Daddy Mikk's Chili and Garlic Crunch

What a handy bottle to have with in the kitchen to add to your pasta , soup , baguette, etc. 

Saves us moms lots of time to do something else and makes the brood happy with your cooking for that complex flavor it brings to the table.

That Aglio Olio Pasta concocted by Novotel's Chef was simple yet delicious

Buenlago Kitchen's Indie Sauce

What is an indie sauce ? Per Buenlago,  

"indie sauce is a sauce with a crunchy texture andn burst of umami... Inspired by XO sauce, locally produced ingredients were carefully selected to create this distinct flavor.. Para syang XO xauce, chili garlic sauce at bagoong  pero "indie" kaya Indie sauce ang tawag sa kanya..." _Buenlago

Buenlago is a portmanteau of its owners BUENconsejo,  LAputt nad GOnzalez.

Cupcakes by Cake Shots 
Alcohol - laced cupcakes ? Why not. They have Black Label Chocoholic, Tiramisu and Bailey's Red Velvet . This from an ex-call center turned entrepreneur whose source of inspiration was her grandma's  Rum Raisin pudding.

Le Sucre's Chocolate Dream Cake

It is indeed a dream cake. Think moist chocolate cake at the base with  that beautiful and silky chocolate ganache, some chocolate slivers for texture and dusting of cocoa powder.

Mr. Mike Brown with some SME's

More Masarap ba? handpicked SME's

"Novotel Manila is not just a fun global brand that provides the  best for its guests but its also a cooperative member of the community. We are grateful that Masarap ba? chose us for this creative collaboration which also includes  some of our food products. This innovative move brings out the best  of both local players  and our hotel's global culinary team ..."

 -  Mr. Mike Brown, 
Novotel Manila Araneta Centers General Manager

Masarap Nga  Meet and Eat  will run at the Food Exchange Manila located at the ground floor of Novotel Manila Araneta Center from March 29 to April 7. Buffet rate starts at P1,588 nett. For reservation please call 02 9907888 or mobile number  09498865591

Food Exchange Manila - Novotel Manila Araneta Center Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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