Saturday, March 9, 2019


'The Whole Experience'

A common enough phrase that  foodies nowadays utter as their peg in  food adventures.

It seems Manam Cafe had this in mind when they conceptualized and opened their newest Manam Cafe branch at the Podium Mall.

Visualize high ceiling, pristine color palette,  spaciousness...

If I were to design my dream house , I would use Manam Cafe as a template , seriously.

Homey, spacious, cozy, warm, relaxing  are some of the words that come to mind.

I can definitely see myself enjoying an all day breakfast here. All day synonymous with whole day that is. It is such a peaceful place and located at a quiet corner too of  the Podium Mall at the ground floor.

Anyway, I digress...


Manam Cafe?
Relative to Manam the restaurant, one would assume this cafe only serves coffee, tea, sandwiches and pastries.

But no. Per Ms. Maita Q (Brand Manager), Manam Cafe includes the best of Manam plus the specialties of Manam Cafe. Think Manam in steroids

We were served the following :

Crispy Pancit Palabok
S P200  M P385  L P645
Crunchy glass noodles with chicharon, fried garlic, shrimp, squid and tinapa flakes with a thick and savory house-made rich shrimp sauce poured over

I loved the presentation.  The sauce is to be poured to the  the whole ensemble upon serving. Grammers and millenials will enjoy boomerang(ing)   "the pour" as we call it . The crispy white noodles seemed to  have a life of their own as each sliver reacted  when the sauce touched it.... :)

Chorizo Ensaymada 'wich P320

Think sandwich but instead of brioche, you have your favorite ensaymada with sugar and loads of cheese. The balance of the sweet , savory and cheesy was outstanding. I would not mind paying P320 again for this

Tip : Order their tsokolate a to elevate the experience

Three Cheese Ensaymada 'wich P200

Oh my ,  I think I just died and gone to cheese heaven. You have three kinds of cheese here and if you still want to go for broke, you can ask for raclette  to pour all over the ensaymada at only an additional P110 

You only live once my friend, so I suggest  you hush that inner-forever-on-a-diet-self and indulge haha.


Indeed the "eyes eat first" .

At Manam Cafe, the whole look of the  place impressed followed through immediately by their colorful dishes presented so prettily which did not disappoint with their scumptious flavors and interesting textures.

Yes eating at Manam Cafe is 'the whole experience'.

The ambiance, food, service, price amazed.

Those Ensaymada 'Wich and Pancit are favorites and so are their Palamig or what I call 'samalamig" especially the Ube + Sago and Strawberry Kamias + sago. Love love their calamansi tart and ube bibingka too!

I am so happy that they open as early as 7 am. I can not wait to drag the handsome hubby and the piggery here for breakfast.

Thank you Manam Cafe and The Podium Mall for having us.

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