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"We are relaunching The Food Hall to remind everyone  where it all started - Pound, Flatterie, Hook and The Grill will all be in the roster, to give diners a flexible dining experience that allows them to choose among our high quality and affordable dishes from different cuisines. 

Its a concept that is close to our heart because at the core of the company is a passion for introducing new flavors and dynamic restaurant concepts to the public. This time, we are bringing all the restaurants we love under one roof ''
- ERIC DEE Chief Operating Officer Foodee Global Concepts

Found myself in a Private Tasting Event last night with select foodie friends for the relaunch of THE FOOD HALL.

Established  in 2014,   it  continues to  reinvent itself  combining its original "food theater" concept with new exciting menu in each of its stations
  • Four restaurants in one venue. 
  • A la carte ordering in a  buffet menu set up.  
  • Made-from-scratch pasta and pizza at your fingertips. 
  • Freshly grilled meat served to your preferred doneness. 
  • Foie Gras in your burger. 
  • Fresh, fat, succulent oysters and  a whole beautiful salmon sliced for your enjoyment.

Perrenial Question Solved

Amazing how this  unique concept dining resonates to this foodie mom of  4.

The family always finds itself in quite a predicament every weekend when the topic about where to dine crops up. The piggery aka our 4 kids, always seem to find themselves in opposite wavelengths when it comes to selecting what they want for dinner or lunch.  "Majority wins" does not always equate to happy faces.

So The Food Hall  dining philosophy (if you will) is  a welcome respite  to  our perennial conundrum.

 4 restaurants under one roof? 

I love the convenience it brings..


Love seafood ? Raw, grilled and fried they have it all in Hook. Loved their Spicy Salted Egg Prawns and Torched Nigiri.

If only for their fresh salmon sashimi , sweet and succulent oysters and a bottle of white wine, I can see myself  dragging  the handsome hubby here every Friday for our date night.


How about pasta ,pizza dough, flat bread  made from scratch? Order your favorite Italian fare and watch how they prepare it fresh and hand-made. Their pasta  with cheese and truffle were to die for. Flatbread were scrumptious as well

Photo by FH


They had me at Foie Gras Burger. What can I say? Im an oyster and foie gras kind of girl.  Best sellers also include the Double Backyard Cheeseburger and Crispy Chicken Burger


The carnivorous piggery will love The Grill. This exciting new addition to the Food Hall offers a variety of premium steaks ie Petite Rib Eye Steak P890,

Photo by FH

Flat Iron Steak P680,

Braised Lamb Shank,  The FH Half chicken, Braised Beef Cheek and the FH Pork Chop

on weekdays

  • Pomodoro Pasta and Classic Margarita P285  
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  • Pomodoro Pasta and Pound x Pound sliders  combo  P285

  • Quarter Chicken, Food Hall Chowder and Garlic Rice P325

  • Skillet Baked White Fish, Caesar Salad and garlic rice P325 

  • Food Hall Chowder or Caesar Salad, FH Pork Chop with Garlic Rice or FH Chowder or Caesar Salad, 

  • Spicy Salted Egg Shrimp with Garlic Rice P365
photo by FH

  • Group Menu good for four pax starts at P995. Guests can select from set menu that include Asian Chicken Salad, Crunchy California Roll, Dynamite Salmon Skin Roll, Classic Magarita Flatbread, Pesto Pasta and Winglets.
  • Asian chicken salad, crunchy california roll, dynamite salmon skin roll, Food Hall half chicken, sausage and pesto flat bread and carbonara P1195 

  • Asian chicken salad, crunchy california roll, dynamite salmon skin roll, Clam and bacon flatbread, Truffle pasta, Food Hall Grilled Pork Chop and Food Hall Half Roasted Chicken P1395


OMG Lava Cake and The Bomb  ( a white chocolate dome with homemade chocolate brownie, banana and dulce de leche ice cream cake poured with melted salted caramel sauce) are a must try.

"With the relaunch of The Food Hall, guests can expect the same premium dining experience in an unfussy yet sophisticated setting, with well curated food stations that offer freshly prepared dishes , more menu options and affordable lunch sets " -  ERIC DEE,  Chief Operating Officer of Foodee Global Concepts


Amazing how The Food Hall has something for everybody.  Their weekday lunch sets are value for money and offers the first time diner an opportunity  a sneak peek  into what FH's cuisine is all about....almost like an amuse bouche 

Ambiance is posh and elegant . Quality of the ingredients are top notch. Service is outstanding. Prices are unbelievably not that bad considering how intimidating the whole vibe of the place can be.

Check them out and let me know how it turns out for you

with Chef Carlo Miguel

The Food Hall is located at the 5th level Sky Park  SM Aura Taguig City. For inquiries, call 09178633364 or 02 6214002. Follow @thefoodhallph on Facebook and instagram.
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