Saturday, February 16, 2019

Ooma BGC

Saturday nights and sometimes Friday nights  have turned out to be  Piggingoutonsundays event too.

What made it special tonight though apart from the fact that the piggery is complete,  is the presence of  grandma and my sister who came all the way from their abode in Paranaque...

and the free concert at the BGC Amphitheater which was in close proximity to the restaurant. That this was the motivation for the complete attendance of the piggery  became apparent when we arrived at BGC haha,

Oh well, we dont mind at all. We savor the togetherness whenever and wherever we can.

Ooma was the unanimous choice for everybody.

We ordered the following ....

For starters and while waiting for grandma and sis,  we had some mix of aburi.

"Aburi meaning to burn something is a traditional Japanese  method of blow torch- direct flame to burn. It can be destructive or tame and the art of aburi brings out amazing things - a different flavor and enticing aroma that fills the entire place. An OOMA signature dish, the aburi maki list includes a full range of the best ingredients including top shelf delights such as hamachi, uni  and scallops


The family is no stranger to OOMA,  having experienced  the resto's food  from frequent visits...

Their aburi's remain a favorite by everyone. Flavors are spot on and the Chef's creativity amazes...

Now this is a meal by itself. Kani Salad P295   had always been my default salad order whenever I find myself in  a Japanese-themed resto.  I loved Ooma's version though because of the  abundance of fresh crisp greens
Grandma ordered Chicken Teriyaki P295. That the dish was served with a side salad made grandma very happy. Now you know where I got my inner health buff haha

2nd son  selected Tori Karaage P255   for his mains. No surprise there.  This son of mine is partial to anything fried or grilled. This version of karaage  by Ooma though delighted him  because of its unique twist.  For one thing  the dish looked like a porcupine because of the thin crunchy slivers of sweet potato chips which formed part of the batter.

Loved that OOMA included the head of the shrimp in their tempura dish. No parts wasted there.

Handsome hubby selected Ebi Tempura P385  for sharing. The seven pieces were generous for its price. I loved that OOMA'S ebi tempura include the shrimps' head. Batter was not too thick. Prawns/Shrimps were succulent inside.
Oyako Don P299 was 1st son's choice for mains. Smoked sous vide chicken, fresh mushrooms, onions, fresh egg , crispy chicken skin and the house tare were scrumptious.


It was no surprise why OOMA is a family favorite. Their food is consistently good and the service cheerful and alert always.

Check them out and let me know  how it turns out for you

OOMA is located at  Bonifacio High Street Central 7th Avenue BGC Taguig

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