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The grand Mt. Tateyama has long been a symbolic figure in the Toyama prefecture in Japan. At the foot of the mountain range is a town, Toyama, surrounded by a river known for its fresh seafood. Toyama is also famous for its sake distillery.

Tateyama proudly brings Chef Motosan born and raised in Toyama. Chef Moto brings whit him 25 years of culinar experience. He shares with us his expertise on cookiking "roboto-yaki",  a method of slow-grilling over hot charcaol. With his enthusiasm for cooking, he brings toyour table an array off authentic Japanese dishes such as tempura, sushi and sashimi - TATEYAMA

Last Friday night, I was privileged to have been invited for a tasting event at Tateyama via @jamsaysyumm.

It was an eat-all-you-can event , a new promo of the restaurant which only began last  January. Note the list of food included in the promo....

Charcoal-grilled Meats

Negima chicken and leeks
Momo chicken thigh
Kawa chicken skin
Sunagimo chicken gizzard
Butabara pork belly
Okra Bacon
Enoki Mushroom Bacon
Gyuu Maki Okra okra wrapped in beef
Gyuu Maki Enoki enoki mushroom wrapped in beef
Yellow corn
Sweet potato

Maki Sushi

Kappa Maki cucumber roll
Tekka Maki tuna roll
Salad Maki crabstick, mango and salad roll
California Maki crabstick, mango, cucumber and tobiko


Assorted Tempura 2 pcs shrimps and vegetables
Satsumaimo sweet potato
Nasu eggplant
Okura okra

Ippin Ryouri

Gyoza dumpling
Teriyaki chicken
Buta Syouga Yaki pan fried pork in ginger sauce


Tonkatsu pork cutlet

Tori Karaage fried chicken
Okra Age fried okra
Fried potato
Isobe Age fried fish cake with Ao-nori

Double Charge for left overs
Cannot be used in conjunction with other promos
Children 4 ft below are free
P295 for children 4 y/o to 7 y/o

  • Japanese Chef
  • ingredients  imported from Japan
  • if only for the grilled meats and tempura, you get your money's worth and more
  • alert and cheerful service
  • good location
  • value for money
What's not to love?

Note that its a different type of  an eat-all-you-can promo. There is no buffet spread because everything  is served fresh from the kitchen. Your skewered meats or Subimiyaki are only grilled upon order. So you get tender , fresh off the griller, delicious chicken, pork or beef.

Try it out and let me know what you think. The eat-all-you-can buffet is available daily from 6 pm to 10 pm.

TATEYAMA is located at the 2nd floor (above Pasto) at the Fort Strip 26th Street BGC Taguig

For inquiries and reservations

Tateyama Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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