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Third and Final Stop 
Pop Talk Themed Restaurant Episode

With the much anticipated final season  of GOT coming out this  year 2019 , Wetsteroast  is in the right place and time to hitch its GOT themed restaurant in the bandwagon

The only GOT themed resto I know so far in the metro, it opened its doors to the public almost a year ago in Feb 2018

The name of the cafe itself is a  pun on Westeros , a continent in the violent yet    much loved series.

Westeros is a continent located in the far west of the known world. It is separated from the continent of Essos by a strip of water known as the Narrow Sea. Most of the action in Game of Thrones  (GOT) takes place in Westeros.

Westeroast specializes in coffee. Their beans are sourced from Benguet and handcrafted by experienced baristas to give guests that perfect blend of fire and ice ( another reference to GOT)

In line with their Game of Thrones theme, Westeroast also offers milkshakes, pasta and rice meals with  names that will  tickle your GOT fancy.

We were served the following :

Theon P88
Hotdog, Rice and Egg
Expect some snicker or two from GOT fans when they order this delicious breakfast fare of Westeroast Cafe. Theon of course is that pitiful character  whose appendage was cruelly chopped off by another evil character in GOT . Theon is  quite an interesting role .  His evolution  from being an anti hero to a reluctant hero is fascinating to watch.

Photo by @poptalknewstv
Red Wedding Pasta P58 small/P108 

Again Westeroast Cafe chose to name a dish in honor of an iconic and bloody scene in GOT that was a shocker and one that any fan wont easily forget.

The Red Wedding Pasta though simply echoes the bloody red color with its spaghetti sauce. It is a Pinoy kind of spaghetti that ironically evokes happy memories of childhood. Think sweet red sauce with red hotdogs.

Students will be happy to note that the price of this dish is quite friendly on the pocket

There are other items in the menu that pays tribute to scenes in GOT. But I will leave it up to you guys to discover them for  yourselves.

In the meantime, we were also served classic Pinoy dishes that are at once familiar and comforting...

Lechon Kawali P180

That was one huge and generous plate of crispy Lechon Kawali for the price of P180

Kare Kare

I liked the sauce. I discerned the subtle taste of peanut and the tenderness of the meat. I loved that they boiled the vegetables separately so  the pechay leaves for example looks crisp and green.

Westeroast also had different kinds of drinks with GOT names.


It was quite an experience dining at Westeroast Cafe. Surrounded by iconic images from GOT ie the much-coveted throne, the wall of faces, the map of westeros, the "winter is coming " banner,etc. Oh do not forget to check out their restroom.There is a surprise character inside who will be watching you while you do your business haha

Yes it was a little cramp. But there lies its charm. Chef  Arghie suggested providing tables outside for dining al fresco to have more room for future patrons.

The food were fun and unpretentious. Since Westeroast Cafe's a market are the surrounding schools, in the area their simple menu with the corresponding friendly prices are one that students would definitely appreciate.

The inclusion of board games you can play for free is a nice touch. Slowly weaning the millenials from their gadgets is a difficult task but that is not to say that is the objective of Westeroast. Fun- filled day with family and friends  with the board games sans the gadgets for a few minutes is all they ask.

After all the owners of Westeroast Cafe are millenials as well.

Westeroast Cafe is located at 27 A Biglang Awa Street East Grace Park Caloocan

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