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Hied off to far away Diliman for a foodie meet up via Zomato earlier.

Surprised to find this huge and new edifice   This Thai place looked spanking new although Ms. Regina told us they opened last year in August.

The restaurant evoked feelings of  airiness, brightness and coziness. The smiles of the servers  almost immediately made me feel "at home" upon entering.

Ms. Regina relates that Muang Thai had been in an existence for 2 decades until they bought it from the original owners last year. They retained the classic dishes in Muang Thai and incorporated some new dishes here and there.

What does Muang Thai mean ?

Per Wikipedia,  it is the colloquial term used by Thais when referring to the country of  Thailand.

Earlier,  we were served the following

Fried Appetizer Sampler P370
Golden pouches, fried shrimp and Thai Chicken skin

Dish was served with three kinds of dipping sauce. Ms. Regina explained which is best for what. But everything got scrambled in my brain and I just dipped the Thai chicken skin, golden pouches and fried shrimp in all three sauces. Guess what they all tasted good haha

Yum Pla Dook Fu P260
Fried catfish with green mango salad

This had always been a favorite. I loved the crunchiness of the fried catfish visavis the sweet-sour slivers of green mango.

Muang Thai Salad P210
Pomelo macerated in panocha coconut syrup with char grilled shrimps, roasted nuts 
and fried shrimp heads

The balance of flavors and textures is amazing. I can eat a couple of this dish all by myself. Thoroughly enjoyed the  roasted pomelo. I loved how they incorporated the local panocha as a sweetener. Nothing wasted here with the fried shrimp heads. Easily one of my favorite dishes

Tom Yum Talay P460
Tom Yum soup of charred shrimps, clams, squid and fish fillet

A classic  favorite, this broth hits the spot.

Khao Kluk Kapi P360
Shrimp paste fried rice topped with egg sauce, fresh mango slices, raw shallots and cured pork bits

I realized how sorely I missed the bagoong rice when I got my first mouthful of this rice dish huhu. After that, it was all downhill as far as my will goes  to reign in my intake of this particular delicious carbohydrates

Pad Thai P360
Wok-fried rice noodles cooked in tamarind sauce with seared shrimps and
 chicken topped with fried tofu curds

Although good, this was  my least favorite among all dishes served. This was simply overshadowed by the other strongly flavored Thai food served to us

Satay Sampler Platter P350
A sampler platter of our Satay Goong, Satay Muu and Satay Gai served with 
peanut sauce and Thai vinegar

Gai Hor  Bai Toey P310
Thai pandan wrapped chicken served with
 homemade soy sesame sauce

Another favorite dish, the chicken were so flavorful, moist and tender. The only fly in the ointment was that one order only has 4 pieces of the delicious chicken huhu

Beef Short Ribs P435
Grilled  beef short ribs with sauteed mushrooms , roasted pineapple and ground toasted rice
Choice of cilantro pistou or massaman curry

Beef was already separated from the bone. Meat was tender and flavorful.  Mushrooms were delicious as well. I enjoyed the roasted pineapple which provided a bit of acidity and sweetness to the whole dish. My only complaint was for its price, the serving can only feed one. Personally, Im not sharing this with anyone else haha

Mu Krob P360
Crispy pork belly with a choice of green, red or penang curry sauce

'Kare Kare is that you ? ', was my first thought. Same color as our much-loved local kare kare. It looked like crispy kare kare  at first glance. But the flavors are quite different from our favorite dish. This was a curry dish minus the heat. Think crispy curry haha. 

Seriously though this was one scrumptious dish that made me eat lots of that bagoong rice huhu

Mango Sticky Rice P110
Glutinous rice with coconut sauce and ripe mango
Flavorful meals and delicious desserts. This one is reminiscent of our suman and mangga combo which is popular in Antipolo with a hint of the suman sa lihiya  ( because of the coconut sauce which is lighter in color  in this Thai dessert) a favorite of the handsome hubby.

Coco Flan P100
Coconut custard with young coconut puree and tapioca
Quite enjoyed this unique dish. The play on different textures were quite nice. You have the chewiness of the coconut meat, the silkiness of the coconut custard,  the graininess of the coconut puree and the gelatinous softness of the small balls of tapioca


Muang Thai's food were all scrumptious! Prices were friendly on the pocket. Portions or servings were for 1-2 people or just 1 if  you do not want to share your Mu Krob  or Beef Short Ribs because they were really good haha

My favorites were the Pomelo Salad,  Thai pandan wrapped chicken, Mu Krob or crispy pork belly in curry sauce and the desserts! Yum!

I would not mind travelling all the way from Mandaluyong for their food.

Definitely returning with the piggery in tow.

Muang Thai is located at 138 Malakas corner Matalino Street Diliman Quezon City

Muang Thai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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