Wednesday, December 19, 2018


There is this brand  of pasta that had been coming out with  videos of families and reunion  for the past days in facebook.
It is so hard not to notice these poignant vignettes  because it is about relationships, bonding and love between family members...a topic very close to my heart.

These videos struck a chord in me. It made me sad and guilty all at once. It showed a grandma who was so happy to see her children and grandchildren and was eager to share stories with them.  Only to be frustrated because the reunion she imagined did not materialize. The pasta  that she cooked for them was getting cold as everyone was wrapped up in their individual gadgets. Even he youngest tot was shown being handed a yellow ipad  for her to play with

"Alone  Together"
Yes it does sound like an oxymoron . But it does bring to the fore  a familiar sight nowadays. That of families having dinner together in a restaurant but strangely quiet, tinkering with their cell phones or with their headsets on  listening or watching you tube or net flix.

There are no conversations and no interactions. They are together physically but  each one is isolated from each other  by their cellphone , ipad, etc.

I myself am guilty of this. As a foodie, it had become a habit of mine  to take pics of  all food that is served regardless of whether it is with family or with other foodies. Taking photos itself is not really a bad thing. But when it takes your attention away from the family and distracts you from having personal conversation or interaction with them,  that is when it becomes harmful.

When your cell phone becomes your only friend, that's when it becomes alarming.

Making Real Moments with El Real Pasta

Good thing  EL REAL PASTA had taken notice and made "real connections"  their battle cry. Watch their videos and you will immediately get the message. It does not take a radical  or all-or-nothing approach. It just suggests  that when it comes to family time  (usually at the dinner table), all of us should consciously set aside our gadgets and concentrate on reconnecting with family members once more. 
Make shared Family Moments Real again.

El Real is a pasta brand that plans to espouse this habit of safeguarding the dining moment from gadget distraction. As a beloved family brand, El Real will position itself as the champion for Real Family moments. The brand focuses on a typical family where we see the journey from the time the kids are growing to present time in order to dramatize the big shift in the way things are. The absence of technology encourages real bonding between siblings and their mother while in the present, gadgets have isolated each one from the intended bonding that should happen during the family reunion.

This advocacy is a good positioning for the brand El Real as it puts purpose to a very familiar product: pasta and sauce. Spaghetti and Macaroni being a staple in most Filipino gathering, can remind us that there is so much for us to share with everyone and that each enjoyable moment is an opportunity to create real moments. The plan is to launch the advocacy campaign this holiday season by using the traditional Christmas reunion but eventually to progress to other family bonding moments. Here we are faced with an opportunity to create new traditions, which will reflect each family’s desire to have a more real meaningful connection that’s free from any distractions.

This is just the beginning for El Real in its pursuit to make real relevance to Filipino families. Let’s start creating Real Moments with El Real.
Make REAL moments this Holiday Season.

#REALunion #Realmoments

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