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Mention Tagaytay and visions of  bulalo, Pancake House   and Antonio's food crop up, at least to me and the piggery.

So when a Japanese restaurant in Tagaytay (actually nearer Alfonso already )  invited me to try their food, I was intrigued.

Tagaytay and Japanese Food ? Hmm Ramen  vs. bulalo? Sushi vs. the humongous bangus in LMZ ?  Wagyu vs. Crispy Pata ?

I am starting to warm up to the idea haha.

So earlier yesterday along with my friends @johnbunag and @boyeatworldph, we set off early to embark on this promising food adventure.

We left Mandaluyong at half past 8 this morning and arrived at the venue at a little after 11.

So this was Hirasei...

My first thought was, surely I was back in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Check out the iconic tori, the bridge and koi-filled pond.

 Amazing how the facade transported me to that trip the family took  in Osaka a year ago. No wonder. Ms. Eva Sasaki (owner) related how her Japanese friend designed the whole restaurant itself .

As one enters the restaurant, a  simple layout with predominantly wood, black and red theme welcomed us. Murals of cherry blossoms and red orange koi gave the place a truly Japanese feel. Semi private small tatami rooms with black slats for divider  are to your right as you enter. At the end of the hall, the bar  commanded our attention

The place is pristine, everything in its place.  The OC vibe is palpable which I relate as an intrinsic trait of the Japanese people (well at least those I have encountered during our family's trips)


Per Ms. Eva (owner) , Hirasei  Philippines pays homage  to  the  original   30 year old Hirasei Restaurant in Japan ( now closed ). The Hirasei Japan Chef is a friend of the owner and was the one who encouraged Ms. Eva to resurrect it in the Philippines.

Per Lloyd ( owner's son ), Hirasei means seashell or relating to the sea,  which was apt because fresh-from-Japan-sashimi is Hirasei's specialty along with their ramen. 

Yesterday, we were served the following :

Funamori P2200

That sashimi boat was  gorgeous. Visualize 8 to 10 kinds of sashimi.

The salmon  and tuna sashimi  were  fresh and succulent.

The scallops were fat and tasted amazing.  My favorite uni was creamy  and gorgeous. The only fly in the ointment was the octopus which was on the thick side. It was tough biting into it. If it were only sliced thinly they would have been perfect. The meat was sweet  though.

Omg those salmon roe. It transported me back to Sushi Dai in Tsukiji Market in Tokyo where we woke up at 4 am just to queue to have sashimi and sushi breakfast   https://piggingoutonsundaystravels.blogspot.com/2017/07/sushi-dai-or-bust-poor-mans-jiro.html )

Kani Mango Salad P290
Greens were crisp and fresh. Mango cubes were sweet and succulent. Portion was just right for its price. The salad paired well with all the savory items served to us

Hokke P350

Non-carnivorous diners will be overjoyed with this selection. Fish was flavorful. Meat was flaky. It paired well with the salad and a perfect foil to the sinful meat items.

Katsu Curry P420

I love their curry sauce. Katsu was crisp outside  and juicy and moist inside. While I was enjoying this dish, I can visualize son number  1 going gaga over this when we bring them here.

Japanese Kuroge Wagyu A5 Sirloin 200g P2400
My eyes just about involuntarily rolled back in their  sockets in pleasure at the experience of biting into that melt-in-your-mouth-flavorful meat.  Again brought me back to that Wagyu restaurant in Ginza, where the handsome hubby and I grilled our own wagyu A5 steak. 


Authentic Japanese culinary experience in Tagaytay? Why not?

Definitely worth the trip.  People who regularly visit Tagaytay and would like to have a food adventure other than the usual bulalo ,  should include Hirasei in their list of  Must Eat Places when in Tagaytay.

Hirasei Japanese Restaurant is located at 410 Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway Tagaytay City

Hirasei Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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