Monday, December 3, 2018


So finally tried this branch in Glorietta. Amazing ceiling art no? Restaurants are really creative nowadays. Illy Cafe's awesome chandelier of cups and saucers  comes to mind.

Check out Fat Fook's wall of plates as well...

My first experience  of Fat Fook happened in   their  branch at  SM Mega. I still remembered the tofu with century eggs we ordered there plus the unforgettable stinky tofu haha . See my blog post link below (

Anyway last Sunday, as was our custom after Sunday mass , Team Pigging Out On Sundays , was in a quandary asking the perennial question... Where do we eat lunch?

Since we were in Glorietta, that limits our choices somewhat. Seems like we have tried every restaurant there is in this mall. Hmmm....

Praise the heavens we saw Fat Fook.

Fresh from our trip in Taipei a month ago (already?!), it was nice  to reminisce via the  Taiwanese fare in  FF.

We ordered the following :

Tofu  with Century Egg and Pork Floss P198
This is a family favorite. Everyone loves their century eggs, tofu and pork floss. There were only 4  slices of century eggs however so we had to order an additional plate of  purely century eggs (P148). We requested the server though for the toned down version ie not too spicy

Chicken Chops P238
The original version in Shilin Night Market was thicker , denser and more flavorful. It had a particular smell that was missing in Fat Fook's version. But to be fair,  this was delish too

Pork Chop P278
Love the part were there was fat.  Pair it with Fat Fook's vegetable rice.

Taiwan Pechay with garlic P168

Whenever we eat out in restaurants, I make it a point to order something green. This was a good choice. I loved the color of the vegetables and how fresh it tasted on the palate

Crunchy,  meaty and small, it was the perfect  starter to whet our appetite. Sorry cant seem to find it in Fat Fook's menu in Zomato app. At any rate it looked and tasted like fried siomai

Satay Stir-fried Beef Noodles P228
It was not bad.  The kids love it.

Pot Stickers
They were delicious. Think gyoza

Oyster Omelette P258
I loved how sweet and juicy the baby oysters were. I just did not like the gelatinous texture inside the omelette. The taste was a balance of sweet, salty and of the sea.

Salted Egg Shrimp P398
Everybody loved the crispy texture. But there were only a few shrimps so I found it a bit expensive. You do not need to peel the shrimp. It was so crunchy and tasty you can eat everything from the tail to the head 


Another Sunday well spent with the family bonding over food.

Too bad there was no milk tea that last Sunday. It would have been the perfect ending to a Taiwanese fare. Oh well next time.

Love the decor by the way. Those blue and white plates  on the ceiling  and echoed on the walls were  perfect focal points  and amuse bouche for the eyes.

Service was alert and cheerful.

We spent about P6000 with 1 senior citizen.

Glad to know that this is not even an international franchise but a home grown one.

Our table of 12 was one happy bunch :)

FAT FOOK   is located at the 2nd floor Glorietta 1 Glorietta Complex Makati

Fat Fook Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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