Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Sometimes it is the out of the way places that will surprise you perhaps because your expectation is set low or the venue is new and therefore unknown.

CLASSIFIED KITCHEN   just across Max's Restaurant in Scout Tuazon  is one classic example

Barely 6 months old , this fledgling of a restaurant is home grown and not an international franchise. Classified Kitchen  is owned by Chef Owner Rudolph Retuya who  runs the restaurant with his brother  who is a Pastry Chef , his sister in law and mother who loves to cook.

Chef Rudolph worked for Costa a cruise ship for 5 years before finally setting up this restaurant


It is pretty simple and straightforward actually. Per Chef Rudolph all the recipes for the food they serve in the restaurant are all family heirloom recipes and therefore confidential or classified.

Yesterday, we were served the following dishes :

Classic Fried Buffalo Wings  P225
8 pieces of succulent wings with ranch dressing.  Wings were fat and fall off the bone. Flavor is tasted from the skin to the bone.This will pair well with cups of rice...yum!

Beefy Nacho Overload P210
It could use a lot more cheese sauce , salsa and beef

Home-made Pumpkin Soup P170

I enjoyed this tremendously. Pumpkin Soup was really savory. The pastry cover served to retain the heat of the soup while we took our time taking photos. The result was it was till smokin hot by the time we got around to eating it.

Pinoy Chicken Cesar Salad P265
Per Chef Rudolph, "the chicken in the salad is similar to chicken insasal, vinegar-based and grilled like  the authentic inasal from the south..."

Australian T-Bone P295
I prefer my steak medium rare. But that task becomes gargantuan nay impossible when the steak is sliced so thinly. Naturally I found my  portion well done and "tapa-like"

US Angus Ribeye Steak with grilled Bone Marrow P495
Enjoyed and savored the meat's tenderness.  I used the bone marrow like butter , spreading that creamy sinfulness all over that slice of juicy meat. I shall order this again.

Truffled 4 Cheese Ravioli P380

Made from scratch, this ravioli dish was swimming in the rich and cheesy bechamel sauce. There are 10 ravioli per order. Perhaps a little more control over the sauce to let the ravioli shine through. As it was , all the ravioli drowned in that sinfully rich liquid gold

Classified Angus Burger P320
Enjoyed the juicy patty and the generous portion. I loved that bread was made from scratch by Chef Rudolph's brother who is a pastry chef. You know how I go crazy over home-made bread. If I were to nitpick though , I would have preferred a slice/s of cheese instead of that cheese-whiz-like sauce.

Baby Back Ribs
Really fall off the bone and delectable. Maybe a little more time in the salamander just to caramelize the top and make it more palatable to the eye.

Moist Chocolate Cake P130
Another specialty of the house, this dark almost black chocolate was moist and fluffy almost like a chiffon. I loved the dark chocolate glaze on top. This is the perfect ending to a satisfactory meal.

Gallo Cabernet Sauvignon P1100
This married well with the steak. Its rich dark taste with hints of black currant and other spices complemented the meats served very well.


An afternoon well spent getting to know what Classified Kitchen is all about. Personally, I like discovering restaurants that are home grown and  not found in our usual haunts. This one is a bit farther than usual but reachable and or doable considering how attractive the price points of their steak are plus how generous their Wings-Nachos-Rice-IcedTea Promo is regardless of the two hour limit
Classified Wings & Nacho Party P395
Unlimited Wings, Nachos, Rice & Iced Tea
Wings flaovrs - Sriracha and Calssic buffalo with Rancho dip

The restaurant itself was cozy  and casual with  predominantly black and warm wood motif combined with bits of industrial touches. They have wifi. It was spacious. I loved the peace and quiet so like the Chef Owner Rudolph  who was low key and soft spoken.

Definitely worth a second visit with the piggery in tow.

Classified Kitchen is located at Sct. Tuazon almost across Max's restaurant.

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