Thursday, December 20, 2018


Four more days and the most awaited celebration is here. Im pretty sure mommies all over the Philippines are stressing out re what to cook for Noche Buena.

The Noche Buena tradition is a carry over from our more than 300 year colonization from Spain. During Christmas Eve, every dining table in the Philippines  will groan at the weight of  home cooked food  to welcome the birth of the child Jesus.

In our family, we celebrate Christmas as solemn and  as simple as we can when we are here in the country.  Our staple food are cheese, fruits, cold cuts , pasta and wine. We just prepare  a cheese and charcuterie board with bottles of wine and I normally bake lasagna.

For this year, I am trying DANES Cheese Ball for the first time.  Their Christmas Promo is pretty hard to ignore for this budget conscious mom. I get a 180 gram Classic Cheese for Free when I buy a 500 gram Danes Cheeseball? What's not to like?

In addition to the cheese and charcuterie platter, I can also use the free Danes Classic Cheese as topping for my baked lasagna.

Now all I need to buy are the grapes and I'm all set for Christmas Eve.

Danes Cheese Ball are available at major  supermarket nearest to you. You can even order it online  via honest bee app. Try them  and let me know what you think.

Happy HoliDANES :)