Sunday, December 16, 2018


Its been months since the family's last visit to this branch in Greenbelt.  Amidst all the regular weekly pigging out  in different restaurants, we suddenly felt a pang for all things Mary Grace today.

We ordered the following :

 Wild Mushroom Soup
Thick, rich and flavorful this remains a favorite of mine. 

The ciabatta  tasted freshly baked and chewy . Do not forget to dunk your bread in that delicious soup.

Clam Chowder
This was the handsome hubby's favorite. When it comes to soup , we do not share haha. I prefer mine served in a bread bowl ala Fisherman's wharf in SFO

Fish & Bell Pepper Sandwich
Still trying hard to eat moderately, HH and I decided to split this sandwich. Good thing. This was one huge serving (at least to me) of ciabatta after that hearty bowl of mushroom soup

Sirloin Tapa with Egg and Fried Rice
Generous tapsilog, this was one tempting plate. Omg , praise the heavens my will was strong today. Otherwise, I would have  ordered one myself , demolished that scrumptious plate in no time and live to regret it haha.  82 y/o Pa-in-law and Son no. 1 enjoyed their orders each

Bunso's favorite when in Mary Grace, he ordered this almost without thinking. Clearly he missed this staple from Mary Grace

Truffle Pasta
It seemed as if I just blinked, and second son's plate was empty suddenly haha. That's how much he loved this pasta.

Strawberry Shortcake
Im not sure I liked that it was semi-frozen when served earlier. The piggery agreed with me too. Preferred the slice of vanilla bean cake and ensaymada with tsokolate.


What is going for  Cafe Mary Grace is how  consistently good their food are. Service though  leaves much to be desired. It was pretty hard to call the attention of our servers earlier at least in this branch.

Ambiance-wise,  Mary Grace remains instagrammable. I also love the cathedral ceiling giving the whole place a more spacious and cozy feel.

Price-wise? Well we were a table of 6 with one senior citizen. Our bill amounted to P3700. We ordered 1 truffle pasta, 1 carbonara, 2 tapa, 2 soup, 1 fish sandwich, 2 kinds of cake, ensaymada with tsokolate, coffee  and mango shake.  That was a total of 12 dishes. So we averaged about P300 per. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Wallet-friendly, consistently good food, wonderful ambiance. No wonder we keep coming back. Just improve the service and Cafe Mary Grace would be perfect :)

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