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Just a week back from our Taipei trip, I received an invite to try out Shi Lin at Estancia Mall from Zomato.

Still hung over from the foodgasmic adventure, I can not help but ask the Restaurant Manager Debbie if the name of the restaurant was  inspired by that famous night market in Taipei called Shilin Night Market.

She answered yes. Apparently the owners loved Shilin and sought to bring the food concept here for the locals' enjoyment.

No Shilin is not an international franchise. It is a home grown brand. It curre.ntly has 10 branches all over the metro and is set to open more in 2019

We were served the following :

Xiao Long Bao
Original 6 pcs P170  10 pcs 285

Amazing how  even if the brand is  home grown, their XLB is at par with   what we have experienced in Taipei. Prices are not bad either

Shilin's chefs follow the 18 fold rule which is an absolute must for a perfect xlb...

Hakaw 4 pcs P180
Although  I found the price exorbitant at first for just 4 pcs, I understood why after the first bite. There is hakaw with the thick "skin" and hardly and bits and pieces of shrimps and there is Shilin's hakaw with its thin and delicate skin and chunks of shrimps

Stir fry Broccoli P180

I only learned to eat vegetables when I started having children haha.  I used to hate broccoli growing up. But now this  good source of  Vitamin K & C is a favorite. I can finish a plate of this in one sitting, seriously.

Congee with Century Egg & Pork P175

Love love Shilin's congee! I do not know if its because my congee experience in Taipei was a major disappointment for my Pinoy palate. Their congee although pristine white was really bland despite the addition of toppings that included red jujubeans, bamboo shoots, firewood, pork floss to name a few. I was looking for  patis (fish sauce) and calamansi all the time haha.  To be fair , I only tasted the congee from the hotel we stayed in. Did not see any in Shilin Market

Shilin Fried Chicken Whole P695 Half P380

Some parts were a bit dry for me. 

Sweet and Sour Pork
 A different version from the usual saucy sweet and sour pork I am familiar with. This one was a bit on the dry side perhaps because the meat had hardly any fat

Choco Nutella Dumpling  6 pcs P165
All the time I was enjoying this, I was visualizing how the chef could have possibly done it without making such a big mess which was a certainty considering how nutella is "liquid (y) and therefore pretty hard to handle....


There were hits and misses but generally a good place to  eat with the family when you want to appease your inner Taiwanese-foodie-monster. 

I still remember our family's first visit to Shilin some years back in Rockwell and how xlb's were still new then. Now you see them everywhere .

Definitely returning with the piggery in tow.

Shi Lin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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