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There is a gem of a place  on the top floor of Century Mall that serves fantastic Israeli food at reasonable prices and yes the eponym of the restaurant is indeed  the funny man Charlie Chaplin.

Why Charlie Chaplin ? Per Chef GM Guy, Chaplin is the epitome of positivism which the restaurant espouses.


Chaplin the Restaurant was opened 3 years ago by Guy's brother.    Guy relates that initially  the food was predominantly Pinoy fusion with a sprinkling of Israeli dishes.

Today however, the food at Chaplin's is 90%  Israeli with a sprinkling of some dishes  from Europe.

We were served the following :


I am more of a broccoli person . Ive always looked upon cauliflower as the tisay version of broccoli. To me it looked like the pale relative of  that green clump of vegetable I really liked.

Blame it on an incident in childhood where I saw something alive at the center of that thick clump of  weird looking   yellowish "flowers" (?)

Chaplin's cauliflower dish  however was so colorful  it piqued my interest enough to make me take a little bite  to taste. Well it did not taste anything like vegetable. It was crunchy and it married well with the sugar beet puree which was both sweet and a little tart.

Really liked this dish. 

Lamb Hummus P420
You can order this  plain without lamb at P420. Additional 80 gram of shawarma  entails  payment of P95.  Personally though I wouldnt add anything to the hummus. It was gorgeous by itself already. Plus the portion was generous enough for  2-4  people. I was  not able to clear with our host though if it comes with free pita bread
 Chicken Shishlik P485
Chef Gen Manager Guy shares that this is the closest dish they can come up with that is similar  to the Pinoy beloved dish Inasal .I loved everything in this dish. The chicken was moist and savory.

You can take the pita bread and use it to  draw the chicken meat from its skewers, add salad and you get yourself a shawarma sandwich :)

Sabrina P175
A refreshing drink concocted by Chef-Owner-Mixologist Guy which is composed of  dragon fruit, frozen berries , lime and gin.  The color is a vivid magenta  from the color of the dragon fruit. I did not think there was any alcohol in it. 

Chaplin Tea P175
Another refreshing drink that cleans the palate


Authentic,  delicious food, home-made sauces and bread , wallet-friendly prices,  alert service. What's not to love?

They had me at cauliflower, hummus and home made bread.

Their breakfast staples are to die for especially the  two kinds of burekas ( puff pastries that look like pizzas)

Definitely coming back with the piggery in tow.

Thank you for hosting us Chaplin and for the invite @foodxtravel

Chaplin Café Israeli Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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