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Soban Libis' MEGA MEAT BBQ FOR 4

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Soban K-Town Grill  launches its Mega Meat BBQ Set for 4! 

For P2,000 +   you get  unlimited rice, soup , side dishes,   and 1200 grams of choice meat which consist of ...
  • 180 grams Soy Garlic Pork belly 
  • 180 grams Chili Bean Pork Belly 
  • 180 grams  fresh pork belly 
  • 180 grams marinated beef belly 
  • 300 grams fresh beef belly 
  • 180 grams boneless fried chicken

 Unlimited Ban Chan or 6 side dishes

 150 grams Chili Bean Pork Belly
The aroma of roasting meat was amazing , I felt my stomach growl in anticipation haha. This variant had just the right kick to make it a little more interesting. You would find yourself ordering more rice though.

 180 grams Fresh Pork Belly
I loved how obviously fresh this raw pork belly looked. After it was roasted, I  reached  for a crisp green lettuce to wrap it in with a dab of soybean paste and a fermented cabbage leaf from the kimchi banchan...yum!
 180 grams Soy Garlic Pork Belly
What is it about Soy Garlic Pork Belly? This smelled and tasted like good!
 180 grams Marinated Beef Belly
Sweet and savory just the way I like it. I love the layers of fat in between the meat.
 300 grams Fresh Beef Belly
Had a field day dipping the roasted beef belly in all kinds of sauces. The danger with thin slices is  you can not get enough of eating  them fat and all haha
180 grams Boneless Fried Chicken

This caramelized boneless fried chicken had crunchy skin and moist and juicy meat inside. It had the right balance of sweet and savory and is yet another dish that required unli bowl of rice. Dont say I did not warn you haha

Soban vs. Sariwon

  • Soban is the sister restaurant of  Sariwon. 
  • While Sariwon is a brand conceptualized in Korea, Soban is a home grown brand developed here in Manila.
  • While Sariwon offers an extensive selection of premium meats, Soban  also serving premium meats are friendlier on the pocket with its bap meals and other dishes.
  • While Sariwon is 6 years old, Soban is only 2 years old

Casual and warm, it draws you in  with its neat arrangement of tables with pull-down exhaust tubes hanging from the ceiling. It assures you that you will be leaving the restaurant as fresh as when you came in.
I have been to another Korean restaurant with exhaust tubes similar to Soban but the place filled with smoke anyway and you smell the meat and garlic on you after your meal. 

As in Sariwon, service in its younger sister Soban was cheerful, knowledgeable  and alert. The servers were thoroughly trained and can recite by rote  the Korean names of every plate served. They were also very patient  in  answering all our questions and acceding to all our request with a sincere smile
After  I have met the lovely and youthful owners of  Soban and Sariwon, Im no longer suprised.. Talk about leading by example. The two lovely ladies Diane and Dorothy were low key, soft spoken, cheerful, patient and always had that sincere smile as they listen to your requests or comments.


I loved the deal!

Can you eat 1/4 kilo of meat with  unli sides, dishes and rice all by yourself? I know I cant . So more meat for the piggery.

There were 6 of us foodies sitting together  on one  table  (4 guys and 2 girls including me ) last Monday and it seemed to us the meat never stopped coming. We were so stuffed I wanted to stand up and walk my 10k steps after eating all that protein. 

That was a total of 1200 grams of  quality protein - 3 kinds of pork belly, 2 kinds of beef belly and boneless fried chicken. The meat looked fresh by its beautiful color , smelled fresh and springs back when you press it a bit

Divided equally by 4, you get 300 grams each or 1/4 kilo. That is  just the protein. I have not factored in the unli sides , rice and soup.

P2200 for 4 (including 10% tax) is P550 per person

Do check it out and let me know what you think.

CAVEAT : If you are 6 instead of four, note that they will ask you order an ala carte meal so the other two can also enjoy unli rice, soup and banchan.  The set menu after all is  originally just for 4 people.

Soban K Town Grill  is located at the 2nd floor of Eastwood Mall in Libis. It also has other branches in 1) Greenbelt at Level 3 Greenbelt 3 Makati 2)ATC Corporate Center Alabang 3) SM North Edsa , upper ground floor main building 4) Ground floor, Robinsons Place Ermita Manila 5)One Bonifacio High Street, BGC Taguig 6) 3rd floor bridgeway SM Megamall Ortigas

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