Saturday, October 13, 2018

Wine Talk at Nono's

It was quite an interesting and  informative Thursday  afternoon last week when I found myself at a wine class via Nono's invitation.

We were joined by Mr. Julian Gagliardi, a wine expert who guided us through the world of wine with an audiovisual presentation followed by a Wine Pairing session.

Wine Pairing

Chateau Gantonnet  Bourdeaux Blanc 2017 from France  P1200/bottle
Its color was bright and clean. I loved its fruity aroma.  The taste was crisp and  vibrant . I tasted pineapple and a little bit of  banana. 

Per Mr Julian, we need to swirl the wine a bit to let it breathe...

 The wine paired well with Nono's Spinach Dip with Crostini P255.   I appreciated how the wine enhanced the richness of the  spinach dip with feta cheese.
The next course we had  is Burrata Cheese Platter P455.  A ball of burrata  was served with  fresh tomatoes, basil , grilled sourdough and walnuts.

Beringer  was founded by Jacob Beringer in 1868. It is  California's oldest continually operating winery...

Beringer Main & Vine Chardonnay
Glass P250 / Bottle 950

It was a beautiful wine that is at once fruity and citrusy. It paired well with the creamy burrata, the nutty basil and the acidity of the tomato.

 Beef Burgundy or Beef Bourguignon P455
Taking a page  from Julia Child , Nono's  slow-braised their beef with red wine sauce, carrots, potatoes, garbanzos and chickpeas served with garlic rice

 It paired well with Beringer's  Main & Vine Cabernet Sauvignon (glass P250/bottle P950) which was sweet from the vanilla and rich from the oak flavors. I think this is my favorite among the wines served .
Pizza Pull-apart P355
Freshly baked panini with chorizo, tomato-herb saue and melted mozzarella. 
They had me at "freshly baked". A fresh spin on the usual pizza we know, it was a kick pulling at the bread to see how far the mozzarella can stretch

Chateau Gantonnet Bordeaux Rouge P1200 /bottle
Less sweet than Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon, it had a blend of 70% merlot, 30% cabernet franc unoaked and aged for a year in  stainless steel vats.

Penne with Stracciatella P375
That al dente penne with the creamy and thready stracciatella also paired  rather beautifully with the Chateau Gantonnet Bourdeaux. The acidity of the tomato and the creaminess of the cheese married well with the red wine


A delightful afternoon well spent learning about wines and experiencing first hand the wine pairing itself.

They should make this activity a regular thing. I really enjoyed the delicious food , the wine and the company.

Thank you for hosting us Nono's by Classic Confections.

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