Friday, October 26, 2018

Unli Korean BBQ at Jin Joo Podium

Bet you did not know that just last September , JinJoo launched its UNLI KOREAN BBQ PROMO at  only P499 for lunch.
Unli Korean BBQ
10 Flavors of Beef-Pork-Chicken

Unmarinated Samgyupsal (pork belly)
Dan Samgyup (marinated pork belly)
Gochujang Samgyup ( pork belly in gochujang)
Cajun Samgyup ( cajun pork belly)
Yalb-Eun Sam
Dwaeji Ggudaegi
Unmarinated Woosamgyup ( thin slices of beef belly)
Dan Woosamgyup
Cajun Woosamgyup
Dak Galbi

Note the Terms and conditions though :

1. Time limit of 2 hours
2. Order Quantity
  • maximum  2 kinds of meat for 4 full paying adults
  • maximum  3 kinds of meat for more than 4 full paying adults
  • after you've finished eating those meats, you can order again
3.Children 3 and 4 feet below
  • free of charge - children 3 ft  and below
  • half price  - for children below 4 feet
4. Penalty for leftover  - P200 for leftover meat per person

5. No take out policy

I loved that they spelled out the rules of the all-you-can-eat  promo. They were simple and to the point. Personally the limit to 2 kinds of meat for 4 full paying adults and 3 kinds of meat for more than 4 full paying adults ,  is just right for me

There comes a  point when more than that amount allowed can be quite confusing or could be equivalent to longer waiting time.

I think our piggery would not mind the limit in the choices of meat. Im pretty sure they would be more appreciative that they can eat as much as they can of the  meat they have chosen.

For me the P499 lunch promo is value for money.

They could use a little improvement in the service department though.  It started out well enough. Towards the middle  while we are eating though ,   servers became scarce and if there ,  a  little difficult calling their attention. There came a point that one of our friends  stood up and walk towards the end of the room where one of the servers were   just to convey our request. The service was a far cry  from their Eastwood branch where service was alert and efficient.

It marred the experience somehow. Sad.

Jin Joo Korean Grill is located at the 2nd floor of the Podium Mall  ADB Avenue Ortigas.

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