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The Outback Story

"Our first Outback Steakhouse restaurant  opened in  the United States
(Tampa Florida) in March of 1988.
Since then we have grown to become the world's largest  steakhouse brand
, with nearly 1000 restaurants in over 20 countries.
We are famous worldwide for our steaks. After all , we are steak experts!
We serve the finest beef, seasoned with a secret blend of 17 herbs and spices
that enhance our steak's distinct flavor. Then they are 
expertly grilled to your request.
We promise you  the simple pleasures as a customer
 and invite you to eat , drink, relax and enjoy the Outback
Steakhouse dining experience...."

In the Philippines ,  Outback opened its first store in 1997. Franchise was originally owned by the Bistro Group ,but then was acquired by Mukherjee  in 2010. Mukherjee is the Singapore-based entrepreneur who opened the first Outback in Singapore in 2002

Its been a long time since our last Outback visit. I remember it was part of the Bistro Group before . But guess what , despite the passage of time, the restaurant still looks the same . The dark wood floors and tables  , the wide wooden  stairs and  the sprawling  2nd floor dining area. The only relatively "new" addition was the smoking area at the ground floor

The 17 herbs and spices

Last Sunday after mass  , everybody was excited  to revisit Outback  for lunch.
Delicious complementary bread
That complementary bread they serve is freshly baked that  is why it  is delicious. Coupled with that whipped butter , it was outstanding.

We ordered the following:

Crispy Parmesan Shrimp Salad P569
Fresh romaine heart drizzled with a combination of  Caesar dressing and balsamic vinegar reduction then topped with crispy baby rock shrimp tossed in Asian chili sauce, fresh tomatoes and parmesan.

Those crispy baby rock shrimps were perfectly cooked - crunchy exterior and succulent interior. It is so easy to overcook this particular crustacean, but Outback cooked theirs just so. It paired well with the fresh romaine heart which were fresh and crisp.

Typhoon Bloom P399
Hand-cut fresh onion strings dusted with  Outback's own secret seasonings, stacked high and cooked until golden. Served with  spicy signature bloom sauce.

That typhoon bloom looked like a beehive. It still impressed after all this years. It was crunchy albeit oily but nonethless still addicting.
Kookaburra Wings  Full P499, Half P329
The wings were scrumptious. They were juicy and moist inside and quite plump.
Fish and Chips P449
Tender fish battered and deep fried until golden brown. Served with Aussie fries , coleslaw and tartar sauce.

This dish took us back  down memory lane on our trip to London s a year ago. The fish was perfectly crunchy with flaky fish inside.

Braised Beef Risotto P699
A new dish. Creamy , Parmesan rice topped with tomatoes and fresh basil, slow cooked beef, green peas and cabernet sauce

Risotto was creamy yet al dente. The strips of braised beef were flavorful and tender. Bunso got a winner here.


It was the Outback we knew from before with little bits of something new like the Braised Beef Risotto above. The piggery enjoyed each this that they ordered. Im happy someone was adventurous enough not to order the usual

Next time we shall order the steak.

Outback Steakhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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