Monday, September 17, 2018

Mary Grace

Mary Grace had become  one of the family's favorite restaurant to have lunch in during  what we fondly call PigOutSundays.

Choice of lunch and dessert are no brainers. Each member of the family  has a default order so much so that a cursory look at the menu is all we need to remember  what we each like.

But I do try to be adventurous sometimes and consciously make an effort to veer away from what I call my usuals.

After all there are many choices in the menu per category.

Like two Sundays ago for example, I ordered a different salad.  It was called  Prawn  Salad with Mango Papaya Vinaigrette P390.   The vinaigrette was yellow from the  mango and looked like a thick emulsion. It was mostly one note - sweet and fruity.  Loved how chunky the prawns were and the bits of mangoes gave the dish the freshness it needs. The greens were crisp with nutty flavor.

But of course its hard for the 82 year old Pa in law to be as gung ho as us when it comes to his food.  Must be his age. He wants what is familiar . So he ordered his usual SirloinTapa P398 with sunny side up well done and garlic rice.

The piggery ?  They will eat anything. That is why it is so hard to take a decent picture when Im with them. When the plate lands on the table, I only have like a second to get a shot before their fork ruins everything

Oh well....

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