Sunday, September 23, 2018


It was an enjoyable Saturday Lunch discovering Mama Lou's for the first time with the handsome hubby and our fraternity brod.

We found ourselves in "unchartered territory" so to speak in UP Town Center, so far away from the malls familiar to us. We got stuck here because we had to bring the bunso to Ateneo for his ACET.

We had a long wait from 12noon to 630 pm to be exact. Spent that time doing our 10k steps and discovering new restos , one of which was Mama Lou's.


Pleasantly surprised to discover that Mama Lou's began in BF Paranaque. Being originally a southern girl myself, I felt a certain pride and kinship knowing that Mama Lou's is from the same area where I lived. Yes I grew up in the South but "migrated" to Mandaluyong  when I got married.

So entered the restaurant for the first time at faraway UP Town Center Mall no less. Found  the place homey and cozy with its wooden chairs and tables. We entered from the outside and appreciated the cool temperature in the resto. It was scorching outside.

The servers were cheerful and alert and willing to offer some advise as to which to order. About 3 tables were occupied when we were there mostly college students. By the time we left though about 2 groups of family were about to take their lunch and promptly filled up the whole venue.

The Food

Mushroom Chicharon P180

Crispy, fresh oyster mushrooms served with vinegar. Quite an interesting appetizer. It  was my first time to taste deep fried oyster mushrooms. The shrooms were crispy and earthy . It was really addicting. You will find your hand gravitating towards that mound of  fried mushroom almost without you noticing haha

Grilled Pork Chops P350
It had been a week of   eating mostly fish so I felt justified to indulge my deprived carnivorous side with an order of double pork chop. It was good pork chop. A bit on the dry side but was saved from disaster by the thinness of  its slice.
 Grilled Tuna Belly P325
It was the order of our guest our fraternity brod, so we did not get a chance to taste it. We did not hear any complaint though from him so I guess it was a good piece of tuna belly.
Take The Canoli P200

I loved the home-made cocoa-marsala shell . It was not too thick nor too thin. I have tried canoli before in another Italian restaurant . I did not enjoy it however because the canoli was too thick. 

I loved the mascarpone cheese with chopped pistachios and chocolate glaze. It satisfied my inner sweet tooth.


I should have ordered the Italian dishes.  After all, Mama Lou's is known for their authentic pastas and pizzas. The only Italian dish we ordered was the Canoli huhu. Oh well reason enough for a revisit soon.

For the dishes that we ordered ?  The deep fried oyster mushroom was the most interesting one. The other dishes? They were pretty ordinary. Dont get me wrong they were not bad...just your usual run-off-the mill dishes that you can order anywhere.

Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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