Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Lorenzo's Way

Lorenzo's Way is one of the iconic restaurant in the roster of famous brands  in LJC Group which include Abe, Fely J's, Larry's Cafe and Bar, Cafe Adriatico, Bistro Remedios, Cafe Havana to name a few.

He also created Solana, In the Mood, Bistro Burgos, Bistro Lorenzo, Prego, Ang Hang, Afrodisia, Mil Novecientos, Camp Gourmet  and Bollywood. He also introduced Pinoy dishes globally via his Manila Restaurant in Georgetown and Cafe Adriatico in  Hongkong.

No wonder he is known as the  Pioneer in Theme and Concept Restaurants  in the Philippines.

Although the founder Larry J. Cruz has long returned to his maker some 10 years back, his legacy of good food and themed restaurants lives on in the 9 restaurants that comprises the group.

September is particularly an important month for  LJC Restaurants Group .  It is  after all the birth month of its founder Larry J. Cruz. So as a Tribute to  LJC, they launched "The Festival of Flavors".  All 9 restaurant concocted  two new dishes in honor of  LJC who loved good food.

Lorenzo's Way's cuisine had always been known to include in its menu all Larry's favorites ie  Pinoy food and other cuisines that caught his fancy during his travels.

For The Festival of Flavor event,  Lorenzo's Way created these 2 dishes  to pay homage to Larry's passion for good food.

Served on a bed of mashed potatoes with tomato caper sauce and sauteed shitake mushrooms

The rich vibrant red of the tomato caper sauce draws the eye. The aroma of the dish was amazing. I loved how the sauteed shitake mushroom dotted the landscape. That chunk of mahi mahi sitting snugly atop the mashed potatoes looked fresh and succulent. I can not wait to demolish  all of it and mar its picture perfect countenance.

A mouthful that included each ingredient delighted the palate. The sour-salty-rich-tomato(ey) red sauce was nicely complemented by the silky and  buttery mashed potatoes. Factor in the succulent mahi-mahi with the sauteed shitake mushrooms and its just crazy how the amalgamation of flavors and textures was bang on.

It was an elegant and simple plate that satisfied the eye, the palate and yes the  pocket  too



This one just brought back memories of my childhood in Paranaque . My paternal grandmother's pochero was to die for. She also used pork pata and chorizo. But she also incorporated saging na saba. I still recall  how fast the rice disappeared when this was the ulam haha. Dipping the pork in patis (fish sauce) with sili was the norm.


It was a festive afternoon visualizing the man that  was Larry J. Cruz through his food.

A journalist, a writer and a restaurateur,  his intense  love for food, writing and travel  resonated to this foodie-traveller-mom of 4.

He was indeed a man ahead of his time and his passion worthy of emulation.

"Many things have been written and said about Larry J. Cruz's legacy and his life's work but always style and taste are two words that come to mind when describing his way of doing things.  For him the good life was living well, always within one's means with things one loved most : old and buffed wooden floors, a good painting in a quiet frame, a good book, family photos in silver frames, a good cigar, great tasting wine, a worn area rug, good fitting clothes, and most of all good manners, discretion, civility and always with consideration for others ...."   -  The LJC Group

Thank you LJC Group for having us and Zomato for the invite.

Lorenzo's Way  has two outlets in the Metro. One is at Level 2  C2 Bonifacio High Street Central BGC Taguig and the other one is in Greenbelt 5 San Lorenzo Makati

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