Monday, September 17, 2018


"Come home to good Filipino Food"

It was two Mondays  ago  when a botched foodie meet up turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It led us to Limbaga 77 and  their delicious Pinoy Food done the classic way.

It was my first time in LIMBAGA  and I was quite excited , having heard so many good things about the restaurant.

My first thought upon seeing the restaurant was, what a homey place and I meant that literally because it looked like a residential house converted into a dining place.

The wooden floors lent the place a homey vibe. I can almost visualize where the living room was when this was still a home.

The servers were attentive. The whole area was relatively spacious.
See thru Kitchen
 I loved the "aquarium".  You can while away the time watching the chefs work through the see thru glass.
Smoking area
I love that there is a designated place for smokers. The area appeared more spacious because of the high ceiling

Here are the food we enjoyed in Limbaga 77

Stuffed Bulaklak ng Kalabasa P227

Omg this starter was so addicting, I can finish an order all by myself. The saltiness of the cheese paired well with the hint of sweetness from the stuffed bulaklak (flower). Whats not to love?

 Adobong Tadyang ng Baka P377

Beef ribs or tadyang ng baka were tender, almost melt in your mouth and quite scrumptious,

Crispy Bagnet P477
The skin was really crunchy. The meat was tender. The serving was just right for its price.

 Kaldereta P377
Clearly their strength lies in the classic and traditional Pinoy cuisine. This kaldereta was to die for. The texture of the meat was really tender and the sauce had a perfect balance of sweet, tomato (ey) and umami

Kare kare P577

The oxtail was melt-in-your-mouth. The sauce's texture was just right - not too thick nor too thin. I tasted the peanut and a little bit of fish sauce

Pansit Bihon P277
It was simple yet flavorful. I loved the generous toppings

Prawns in Garlic Sauce P477
Sauce pa lang ulam na.  This is my favorite among all items served. The prawns were perfectly cooked and scrumptious. The garlic sauce was gorgeous. Rice please

Pork Sisig P277
I have a predilection for crispy sisig. This one though although delicious was chewy. The texture really distracts one from enjoying the dish thoroughly

Grilled Tuna P477
It is so easy to overcook tuna . Good thing Limbaga 77  cooked the tuna just so. The fish was still succulent  and moist.   It was a simple dish letting the freshness of the tuna be the star of the show

Indeed good food awaits at Limbaga 77. Dishes that are familiar and iconic are served the traditional way. Happy to discover a  new resto  to  bring the balikbayan relatives and friends  to.

Limbaga 77 is located at 77 Scout Limbaga Street, Laging Handa Quezon City

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