Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Just when I thought surely nothing can beat the Chocolate Hazelnut-Filled Ring doughnut a couple of months prior , here comes Krispy Kreme's new variant BACON AND CHEESE-FILLED RING DOUGHNUT huhu

They are two among  several powerful words in my personal food universe. Who can say no to bacon  or cheese, let alone the combination of  Bacon and Cheese.

As soon as I opened the box , I knew I was lost.  There goes my resolve to eat healthier. Well I could still eat one . Just to taste it you know ? Maybe one doughnut in one month? I can live with that. More doughnuts for the piggery to enjoy haha.

Whoever thought of these two flavor combination is a genius.

Imagine  your favorite pillowy and fluffy  original glazed donut sprinkled with crispy, fatty , bacon bits. Now visualize further your first bite with those salty and savory bacon bits followed by the burst of creamy cheese richness  from its filling.  You have savory. You have cheesy. You have crunchy . You have creamy . For the last note ? you get back  the sweetness from the original glazed donut that you love.   Wow!

Not bad for a P65.00 food trip.

Unfortunately , its on a limited basis. So get your Bacon and Cheese fix now at all Krispy Kreme branches before  supplies ran out...

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