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Amazing to know that Han Pao Tea House is  more than 2 decades old having first opened in  Banawe  in 1994 followed by Shaw in 1997.

In a world where restaurants  are sprouting left , right and center and shutting down at the same rate, it is noteworthy for a restaurant to last more than 3 years let alone 20 years. They must be doing something right. I found out  their secret last week when they invited us  for a foodie meet  up...

Their secret ?   Plump, chunky, generously stuffed dim sum that were pleasing to the eye and to the palate. The price point ? ... a bargain!

Siomai P105

Taosi Spare ribs P100

Hacao P125

Kuchay Dumpling P110

Sea King Roll 135


It is also noteworthy to know that their ala carte dishes are nothing to sneeze at either. Case in point , this  HAN PAO NOODLE FEAST P340. Check out the generous portions of   braised beef, pork , two kinds of dimsum all sitting a top  a mound of noodles. This can easily feed 2-3 people

han pao noodle feast P340

Their hot prawn salad P480  was sweet constrasting beautifully with the other ala carte dishes.  I loved the generous serving of prawns mixed in with the fruit salad ensemble.

The problem with taosi fish fillet P305  was  you will be needing cups of rice with it huhu

Yang Chow Rice ?  Whats not to love? Proteins would not be complete without some carbo loading.

salt and pepper squid P305
Crunchy exterior perfectly in sync with its tender interior. Dip it in vinegar  to elevate its flavor a notch. Rice please

Warm milk pudding
Had my first taste of warm milk pudding at Australian Dairy Cream in Hongkong (check out my blog post about it at pepeportiatravels.blogspot.com). People queued to get a taste of it. We also lined up and waited patiently for our turn. When I finally tasted it , my first thought was "matabang na leche flan"

I had to leave before  this dessert was served. So I was not able to experience it.  A good enough reason to return with the piggery in tow.


I can not believe the family had not discovered this gem of a place so near the abode. Their dim sum is at par with the dim sums we tasted in HK if not better.  Plus their price point is so kind on the pocket.

I can not wait to bring the piggery here.

Thank you Han Pao Tea House for having us and  @boyeatworldph for the invite.

HAN PAO TEA HOUSE  is located at the Ground Floor Sunshinse Square 312 Shaw Boulevard Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City.

Han Pao Tea House is the commissary for Kim Po Banawe which opened in 2001 in Banawe.

Note : 
20%  off dim sum 2pm-5pm daily

Han Pao Tea House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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