Monday, August 27, 2018


It was a holiday Monday . Decided to bring Luna our beagle to  BGC to do some walking. She is getting fat from lack of exercise the past few days.

It was fun bonding with the boys and Luna but we missed  Unica  who is  out of town and Bunso who had some studying to do.

It was a beautiful sunny day. Luna  had a lot of fun running around High Street  with his Kuyas. Pretty soon all of us were wilting from the heat and ravenous from all the exertions haha.

Handsome hubby had been wanting to bring us  to Raging Bull since his first visit there a couple of weeks back. Everyone loves burgers anyway, so  we were all excited to give the place a go.

We love that the restaurant is located in Shangrila Hotel at the Fort.  We were hoping that pets will be allowed inside but that is not the case here.

There were a couple of  tables though outside so the kuyas decided to eat there to keep Luna company.

The Ambiance

Raging Bull is a casual restaurant with wooden chairs and table,  a huge raging bull mural on one wall with mock graffiti, red and white bricks, and high ceiling.  There is a huge open  industrial kitchen on your left   as you enter  sandwiched by a condiment corner and the cashier. It is touted as the younger more hip brother of  Raging Bull Chop House and Bar.

The Burger

Per their website, they serve handcrafted aged beef burgers which they source from the  same farm as Raging Bull Chop house & bar.

Beef comes from the best Australian and USA beef cuts that are grass-fed and grain-fed. They are ground fresh daily. Meat to fat ration is 70/30

Scottish bread baps serve as hamburger buns. They are small breakfast roll from Scotland.

Earlier we ordered the following for lunch:

Raging Wagyu P325
1/3 pounder Australian Wagyu beef patty, braised onions, chili chutney, lettuce, 
tomato and dill pickle.

Kickass  P225
1/3 pounder Angus beef patty, iceberg lettuce, tomato, dill pickle , raging bull sauce

Knockout Special Cheeseburger P425

Chocolate Milk Shake


It all boils down to the quality of meat used for the burgers and the ratio of meat to fat.

Premium and quality burgers topped with made from scratch ingredients by the chef, what's not to love?

Burgers are juicy and meaty. Toppings from the iceberg lettuce , chutney down to the home made sauces are well curated.

Prices are surprisingly affordable considering  the quality ingredients.

Where else can you find high quality burgers with those price point?

I think we just found the perfect burger joint for the family

Raging Bull Burgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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