Saturday, August 18, 2018

PAUL 8/18/18

Handsome hubby and I woke up early today for our annual executive check up.  With nary a breakfast nor a drop of water for more than 8 hours now, we found ourselves in HP Rockwell impatient to have our blood extracted so we can have a drink of water. We were done just after 9 am and sought to reward ourselves with a delicious breakfast.

Since we were in Power Plant already, we initially decided to have our first meal of the day either at Single Origin or at Dean and  De Luca. But on our way there we saw brightly lit and super-welcoming PAUL.

It was an open cafe which beckoned with its black, white and beige team. Plus it did not hurt that we had a pleasant experience in their SM Aura branch.

So we settled down to eat our simple breakfast of  Ham & Egg Croissant, assorted breads, butter, coffee and hot chocolate. We really love their bread which is always freshly baked. This branch though does not have the hot items yet. We were told it will be available soon.

Overall a wonderful and satisfying breakfast date with the handsome hubby. It is quite nice to have the father of my kids  and my ex-boyfriend all to myself once in a while haha.

PAUL is located at the ground floor of Power Plant Mall new wing in Rockwell between Nespresso and Starbucks Reserve

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