Tuesday, August 21, 2018


We first experienced Pablo during our first trip in Osaka a couple of  years ago.

The handsome hubby, the piggery  and I found it strange that a home-grown Japanese brand  had a Latin sounding name.

Turned out that it was named Pablo from the famous artist Pablo Picasso who served as the inspiration to create one of a kind cheese tarts that are not only beautiful to look at and delicious to taste but hides an element of surprise as well.

Visualize a cheesecake that you order with your preferred doneness in mind  ie  medium rare or well done like steak!

Fast forward to today, apart from being a notable place to satisfy your Japanese cheesecake cravings, it now offers  amazing ice cream as well.

Earlier, we had a taste of their soft serve cheese ice cream at P120. 

As in anything Japanese, this sinful dessert was subtly flavored. Yes we tasted the hint of the cheese. I dont know if it was made with  hokkaido milk (?).  The texture was perfectly silky and creamy. I would have loved more cheese. I want my cheese sharp and full of flavor. Pablo's though was more delicate and  "quiet".

The piggery were not at all surprised, having tasted  another Japanese brand Tokyo Milk Cheesefactory's version prior. So they already expected that it will be a very "tame" experience in terms of flavor.

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