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It had become apparent for sometime to me now that as a foodie  I had to exert a lot of effort and will to eat healthy.   Seems like foodie and healthy is becoming an oxymoron

Praise God there are restaurants that  focuses on the greens.

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Along with other two foodie friends, we were invited to Go Salad's new branch in SM North Edsa. I had an invite before to visit their Double Dragon branch. Sadly, I was not able to go due to previous commitment.

But there I was last week, finally able to experience first hand GO SALAD's food.


Happy to note that GO SALAD  is a home grown brand. Per Kelsey, it started out as a small kiosk in Katipunan serving salads, hummus and pita bread.  But Im getting ahead of the story.

Per Kelsey (marketing), it all began  in JR Gonzalez' mom's farm in Cavite.  JR Gonzalez is the owner of  GO SALAD. Whenever they have visitors at home, Mrs. Gonzalez would be serving salad fresh from their farm. Friends and family loved the mom's greens, pretty soon they were asking if they can order.

So it started as a delivery to relatives and  close friends. Until they found themselves in a kiosk in Katipunan doing brisk sales to students in Katipunan area.

Fast forward to today,  from a small kiosk in Katips it now has 23 branches all over the metro.

Eating healthy...

Pita bread with humms

We tried all three variants of  the gourmet snacks. We had GARLIC HUMMUS , SUNDRIED TOMATO HUMMUS AND BASIL HUMMUS.

Garlic Hummus with a pita bread P65 (per order) tasted delicious. I loved that the pita bread was made from scratch. Sundried Hummus was flavorful as well. I loved its orange color. Basil hummus reminded me of pesto. I actually thought I was eating pesto. I suggest you order all 3 variants. My favorite though would have to be their Sundried hummus only because I never tasted this kind of hummus before. Will definitely replicate at home 

I asked Kelsey what her favorite smoothie was and she said ROCK SMOOTHIE P130.  It had banana, raw cacao nibs, almonds, coco sugar,  greens and  soy milk. I was taken aback by the green tinge  of the drink initially but my trepidation turned to relief and delight when I had my first sip. I tasted the sweetness and smell of the banana  and none of the after taste of the greens which I was expecting.

We were served CHICKEN CHORIZO P150,  a non-pork chorizo layered with onion marmalade and a spread of mayo.

BALSAMIC MUSHROOM CHICKPEA P150,  a vegetarian patty with honey basil sauce and freshly sliced cucumbers.

EGGPLANT TUNA CURRY P150 , eggplant and tuna flakes seasoned with curry, basil and other mediterranean flavors then garnished with cucumbers.

Among the 3 variants, I enjoyed Eggplant Tuna Curry the most.  There are actually 5 kinds of  HEALTHY PANINI SANDWICHES


VEGAN BARS  come in 3 variants. All 3 bars tasted good. I am however partial to the peanut butter kind. Go Salad's Vegan Bars are organic with no additives.

CACAO MUESLI P70  is an ideal snack , breakfast or dessert. One has to get used to its texture though.


I love greens to begin with so this was an enjoyable foodie meet up for me.  I was surprised how delicious their smoothies were despite their "ugly" green color. I can just have an order of this everyday for lunch. It was delicious and filling.

Their pita bread with 3 different kinds of  hummus were a favorite as well.Their Healthy Paninis still have to grow on me though. Id rather feast on their salads.  Sweet Caroline hits the spot.

Now if I can only command myself to eat at least one meal per day of  GO SALAD'S food. Ill be on my way to a healthier constitution.

Oh great! They  do deliver via FOOD PANDA.  Yay!

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