Friday, August 31, 2018

A Tribute to Larry J. Cruz at Bistro Remedios

"I fancy myself not as a gourmet but a serious eater... " 
                                                                                                - Larry  J. Cruz

Its been awhile since Ive dined in this part of the metro. Malate is really far from the family's favorite places to visit.

So an invite from Zomato to visit one of LJC Restaurants in this part of town was a welcome change.

Little did I know that we will be tasting a total of 18 dishes, all from the 9 restaurants that are part of LJC Restaurants Group.

A Tribute to Larry J. Cruz

September 1 kicked off a long month celebration to pay tribute to Larry J. Cruz, the founder of LJC Restaurants.

It will be his birthday on September 17. To honor the man who was responsible for the conceptualization of iconic restaurants such as Abe, Lorenzo's Way, Fely J's, Cafe Adriatico , Cafe  Havana , Larry's Cafe and Bar, to name a few, LJC  to have 3 events a) LJC Festival of Flavors b)Larry's Treat and c ) the annual LJC Good to Dine Campaign.

Larry's Treat
On September 17 itself, all diners will have the chance to pick a prize from a bowl. Prizes will include free dishes, discounts, overnight stay at Abe Farm etc.

Good to Dine Campaign.
From September 17 to December 30, for every order of a featured food or drink, LJC Restaurants Group shall donate P10 to PGH's  Cancer Institute. Now running on its 8th year, the Good to Dine Campaign is LJC's way of giving back.

Festival of Flavors
The chef of each restaurant in the LJC Group crafted two new dishes to pay homage to Larry J. Cruz

Bistro Remedios

Per Ms. Malou (Marketing LJC), if  Fely J's  is more into kitchen recipes of  Fely mom of Larry J. cruz and Abe offers all Kapampangan  favorites, Bistro Remedios is different in that it is more regional.

So one will see  dishes from regions in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

Today we tasted a couple of dishes in keeping with LJC's Festival of Flavors

Stewed jackfuit with seafood in coconut milk

I would assume that this dish is from Bicolandia because of the gata.  I simply love the richness of coconut milk. So you can imagine how I love any ginataang dish. Bistro remedios Ginataang Langka at Laman Dagat is made  more sensational by the coconut milk. I just wish there was sili. The dish could use some heat.

I really thought it was sinigang. But then the vegetables were wrong. I tasted the acid from the vinegar. The pata were melt in your mouth. Simple dish. Hardly any presentation. But this combination works


Indeed Bistro Remedios is the best in classic Filipino Cuisine. This is the ideal place to bring your balikbayan visitors who miss the traditional  Pinoy cuisine that their lolas used to cook.. There are no fusion or tweaking here.

Prices are reasonable. Service is topnotch. Ambiance is casual

BISTRO REMEDIOS  is located at 1911 M. Adriatico Street Remedios Circle Malate Manila. It opens at 11 am

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