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It was a stormy  Monday  when  I rushed off to Eastwood Libis for a Zomato foodie meet up. I was excited though because it will be my first time in the restaurant.

I have been invited twice before to come in Jin Joo's other branches some moons back, but  declined regretfully because of previous commitment.

Yay for another invite yesterday! 3rd time is the charm.

I have yet to visit Korea. I know I should. Its in  my bucket list for now for countries to visit in the future. I came close but was turned off by the long queue at the Korean Embassy. Scheduled Taiwan instead which for now is still visa free.

I have to make do with the Korean restos in the metro in the meantime for my Korean fix.  Im assuming of course that all these Korean cuisine served locally are  authentic  albeit adapted to the Pinoy palate. I have no way of checking though since my Korean sojourn is still not in my travel calendar anytime in the remaining part of  2018.

So on this exciting wet start of the week, we savored the  following :

The presentation alone will whet the appetite of any  true blue carnivore.
Imagine 8 pcs of  hefty-chunky-succulent-looking liempo or pork belly with 8 delicious flavors to choose from  1) garlic 2)  red wine, 3)peanut, 4) curry 5) herb 6) red pepper 7) ginseng 8) miso.
The aroma of roasting meat is reminiscent e of our very own local barbecue sans the
smoke thanks to the individual  dome like exhaust sucking all the smoke.

Perhaps I just did not see this in the menu. At any rate, you can order this from the
server if you feel the 8-flavor-variant  is too much for you. Pesto hoisin, honey lemon, sriracha, cajun

Trivia : Per google BUDAE JIGGAE literally translated means ''army stew". Budae is Korean term for  military base in Korea and Jiggae  is soup or stew.
Budae Jiggae therefore is an American-Korean fusion dish created from  that war period in Korean history when food was scarce and cans of  American spam and
other processed foods  from the military base abound.
  Jin Joo's Budae had just the right  amount of kick
for this foodie mom who has a low to average threshold for spicy food. Love love this stew. at
I have a mind to replicate this  at home. Will let you know as soon as I cook it.

Here is a sample recipe I googled....

4 cups  chicken stock
200 g spam thinly sliced
250 g or 9 ox tofu sliced
200 g enoki mushrooms
200 g oyster mushrooms
100 g shitake
1/2 cup  ripened bite sized kimchi
110 g ramyon or  instant ramen noodles
50 g Korean rice cakes saoked in cold water for 15 minutes if frozen
30 g gree onion sliced
1 or 2 slices cheese

2 T Korean chili flakes (gochugaru)
2 T rice wine (mirin)
1 T soy sauce
1 T minced garlic
1/2 T sugar
1/2 T Korean chili paste (gochujang)
a few sprinkles ground black pepper

 note : 1 T =15 ml 1 cup = 250 ml


These stew/soups from Jin Joo are inspiring me to cook Korean at home again. Its been a while since I last cooked  Bulgogi  Beef  Stew for the family. This Bulgogi Jeunggol will be another
addition under my belt to wow the handsome hubby and the piggery with hehehe
Jin Joo's version is  scrumptious reminiscent of the  Sukiyaki

For those who prefer fish, there is the grilled mackerel . It is equally delicious relative to its more colorful meat counterparts. The mackerel had a smokey flavor and offered a different contrast
to the predominantly pork dishes.

Short grain rice, beef bulgogi, sesame seeds, roasted gim, fried egg
Roasted gim are roasted sea weeds.

Samgyupsal, seasonal vegetables,  mushrooms, tofu, Korean spicy bbq sauce

USDA prime Thinly shaved beef brisket

Jin Joo's Korean cuisine version is suited to the Pinoy palate. Think Korean food with a Pinoy twist.

Reasonable and fair considering the overall quality of the food, the quantity and the presentation

The area was spacious and cozy. I loved the high ceiling, individual exhaust per 4 people, pastel colored chairs and accents.

Patient, alert, cheerful

Overall, this meat-eater greatly enjoyed  the afternoon spent with foodie friends  savoring all the dishes served to us by Jin Joo . The quality of the protein was definitely something to appreciate. Moreover the greens , mushrooms and other vegetables  were  crisp and fresh.

I can visualize our piggery enjoying the  Budae Jiggae, Bulgogi  Jeunggol , the 8 flavor pork belly and the other meat selection.

The Pinoy palate will  not be out of place at Jin Joo as all dishes were adapted to the local taste.

Thank you Jin Joo for having us and Zomato for the invite.

Definitely returning with the piggery in tow.

JIN JOO    is located at Eastwood City Walk 1 Libis Quezon City. It has 3 other  branches in MOA, SM Aura and The Podium Mall

Jin Joo Korean Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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