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'I would like to re-introduce Korean classics in the original way, the way we make them in Korea  "
                                                                                                                - Chef Jang Jung Yun
It was a Wednesday a couple of weeks back , when I along with a couple of foodie friends attended the media launch for this new restaurant in Mother Ignacia Avenue Quezon City

FANTASTIC BAKA was a curious name for a Korean  restaurant ( I thought ), unless the word 'baka" is a Korean word  for something? But no per Mr. Gideon of  Marketing, "baka" is indeed our tagalog word which means cow or in this case premium beef cuts.

Among the plethora of  Korean Restaurants that are currently the craze in the metro, one would be justified to ask  what more Fantastic Baka  could offer foodies who love this particular cuisine.
" Most traditional Korean recipes have been changed to fit the Filipino taste...."
Chef  Jang may well be in the  position to  provide something new for Korean Food enthusiasts  with  her  experience and her role as part of the culinary team that brought her previous restaurant GAON  (Seoul) its 3 Michelin Star standing.

'I want to show to show Filipinos what Korean BBQ is like..."
While exploring around the metro, she noted that Korean cuisine here were adapted to suit the Pinoy taste. Through Fantastic Baka , Chef Jang will reiintroduce Korean cuisine the way Korea does it.

A Korean Chef specializing in Korean cuisine. What can be more authentic than that?

Visualize   choice cuts of  BRISKET POINT and steak quality PRIME CHUCK EYE ROLL and 7 other premium beef cuts to complete your 9 choices. It does not stop there. You can also select from 7 varieties of  premium pork  including thick cut, thin slice pork bbelly, shoulder, neck and jowl. Not to be missed are seasoned  Bulgogi ( regular or spicy) and up to 20 different side dishes such as Korean Ramen, steamed Egg, Fresh Vegetable Salad, Korean-recipe spaghetti, sweet and sour chicken tenders and fresh shrimps! Of course Kimchi, Japchae and Dweng-Jang Jji gae are also part of the selection.


If  UNLI P799 is too much for you, there is the  UNLI P599 option. Think UNLI P799 sans the premium cuts.


The area is bright  and sizeable with  the high ceiling giving more illusion of space and airiness. The ground floor has  an open and quite huge foyer before arriving at the dining area which was predominantly black and white. 

In the second floor you will find  function rooms for big groups and smaller areas for intimate gatherings.

Since they were still in their soft opening,  some servers were clueless about what to do. But Im sure this will improve once they start regular operations.

Quality of the meat served were outstanding. My favorite would have  to be the Beef Prime Cuts. They were so tender and flavorful even without any dry or wet rub.

Overall considering the quality of the ingredients, FANTASTIC BAKA is worth a second visit

Definitely returning with the piggery in tow.

Thank you for having us Fantastic Baka.

FANTASTIC BAKA is located at The Grandia Place, Mother Ignacia Avenue South Triangle Quezon City. They are open from 11 am to 12 midnight.

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