Monday, May 7, 2018

Merienda @Museum Cafe

Do you remember the merienda your mom or your lola lovingly  used to  cook for you? Guess what  you can find most of them in Museum Cafe in Greenbelt of all places. Yes that resto with the posh vibe just below Ayala Museum, also serves Pinoy Merienda from 230-530 pm daily alongside their regular menu.

A couple of weeks back, we were invited to taste M Cafe's  Summer Merienda Combos thanks to Team Kaladkarin via John Bunag.


Arroz Caldo +Tokwa't Baboy P220

This is one huge bowl of comfort food right here. It was delicious and flavorful. I loved how the annatto oil (atswete oil)  made the arroz yellow-orange. The tokwat baboy more than made up for its small serving by its surprised crispy crackling which is a delightful twist to the classic boiled and chopped baboy or pork.

Batchoy + Lumpia Kabila P220

Batchoy had the umami flavor. Noodles were tasty as well. Lumpia Kabila or Fresh Lumpia  delighted with its artsy-fartsy wrap.

Chicken Noodles + Dimsum P220
Chicken noodles were a little bland but easily salvageable by  drops of fish sauce and calamansi. Dimsum were plump and delicious.

Pansit Kabila +  Fried Lumpia P220

The fried lumpia was fully stuffed  and was crunchy outside. It became doubly  delicious when dipped in vinegar. They paired well with the pansit kabila.

Congee + Dimsum P250

Another favorite, this one packed a lot of textures and flavor. Make sure to stir the raw egg in the piping hot congee. Will order this again.

Seafood Linguini + Pizza P275

Pasta and pizza were good but paled in comparison to the other preceding dishes. The kids though will love this.

Mango Madness P175
 Give me anything with mango and I will love it for sure. This dish had something different going for it though. It had the majablanca magic. Those pale yellow cubes were a delight and blended well with the mango ice cream.

Saba con Yelo P175

Those slices of sweetened and  chewy sabas were a joy to eat. Just the sight of  that saba con Yelo easily lifts you up from the doldrums.


Indeed  Museum Cafe's Merienda Summer  Combinations are reminiscent of  the ones my lola and mom used to make. They tasted home-made and you can feel the care that went with cooking it by the quality ingredients that were used.

Moreover, the  9 summer merienda combinations all fall below P300. What a steal! Each order  can even be enjoyed by two people.

Merienda is available daily from 230 -530 pm.

Enjoy them amidst posh surroundings while being attended to by cheerful servers.

Thank you for having us Museum Cafe.

Museum Cafe is located at Level 1 Greenbelt 4 Ayala Museum Ayala  Center, Greenbelt Makati

See you there !

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