Thursday, May 17, 2018

Kaka's Halo Halo

Sis and bro in law from the land down under, were craving for halo halo.   

Yes it is halo halo season. Everyone wants  a respite from the steaming sauna that is the metro. What better way to cool  down than eating something cold and delicious.

They want none of  that halo halo (s)  in squat  glass chalices  with few paltry ingredients  though ,which seem to be ' de rigueur'  nowadays. 

They were craving for the classic one in  a tall glass with ube ice cream, leche flan and ube halaya on top with matching  chunks of more leche flan, ube halaya , sago, pinipig, red beans, nata de coco, kaong,  langka, sweetened saba, gulaman  swimming at the bottom. 
I can relate because I want the same traditional halo halo too. Razon's HH  is in a tall glass. Alas they only had 3-4 of our desired sinkers in their HH. That will not do. We want the whole caboodle.

I had my work cut out for me. 

Googled "best halo halo in  SM Mega"...and KAKA came out.  "Kaka"  - a tagalog word   can mean Mr or Ms originally from Bulacan (per server) and is evocative of all food that is traditionally Pinoy

Found its address in Zomato and proceeded to the 4th level bridgeway.  Spotted  its festive facade in no time. It is just across Dad's and beside Greenwich.
Loved its colorful logo. The restaurant itself was small with low ceiling. The festive buntings  made us smile though reminding us of fiestas in rural towns. The servers had cheerful miens matching  the vibrant and happy vibe of the place
Bro and sis in law ordered the halo halo and turon. While I ordered their small halo halo. Yes there were two sizes of HH.

Indeed, the halo halo came in a tall glass (P135) with ube ice cream on top, a chunk of leche flan and a dab of ube halaya. Yes the ingredients were many but it could use a few more. 
Big HH and baby HH
My miniscule HH P55 although yielding  just a few sinkers was nonetheless just right for this forever-on-a -diet-mom. 

It was good halo halo that satisfied almost all our requirements. I wish there was an option to add more sinkers. I wouldnt mind paying more to get my perfect halo halo.

At any rate, its good to know that there is a place in SM Mega that still serves the traditional halo halo we know and love.

For now this will do. 

KaKa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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