Wednesday, February 7, 2018


What happens when 3 girlfriends meet up to welcome an imported kumare whom we have not seen in years?

We cheat......

Just cheated over the weekend. Now cheating again on a Tuesday. What diet ? huhuhu

It did feel like a weekend as we took advantage of  Village Tavern's Overflowing Wine Promo P695  for the first time. Was it worth it? Ill let you know later  hahaha.

Ordered the following with our vino :

A special request of our balikbayan friend, she got a lot of  teasing from us. She misses Baliwag
daw kasi hahaha. Sosyal na baliwag. Seriously though
the pork belly was tender and flavorful, its portion
was really small and could feed one person only. NOT Sulit.

GRILLED CHICKEN PENNE P495 (solo) P695 (for sharing)

That basil cream sauce was delicious. Penne was al dente. Grilled chicken were moist. 
Tasted the a hint of the pancetta but did not see any. Maybe the kumares beat me to it hahaha


For us 4 ladies, the portion will just be right. But if it were  our piggery, my second son 
can demolish this all by himself with cups of rice.
The ribs were tender and fall of the bone. 
The barbecue sauce was tasty.

Chicken were crispy and moist inside. Can feed 2-3

Classic rich butter cake drizzled with raspberry sauce, topped with
vanilla ice cream and served wit fresh kiwi and orange

It was delicious but a bit heavy and sweet for me. Good thing we all shared.


NOTE :  Only the house wine is included in the deal. Per our server, it is
a Chilean wine. You may request a taste first before you decide.
If your order ala carte , it  will cost you P225 per glass or P995 
per bottle. This is value for money if you can finish at least 3 glasses over the 
prescriptive period which is from 7pm-9pm if i remember correctly.

Not sulit for me because I can only handle 2 glasses of wine max.
Sulit for my kumare though because she can down those glasses of vino like water hahaha.

There were hits and misses.  My personal favorite was the pasta.
I just noticed now that  most of our orders were 
protein. Wish we ordered bar chows instead. Oh well all the more reason to return??

Of course it is pricey. You are in BGC after all.

Service was really bad. They took their time serving our salad which
came out  just a little before dessert. Refills of wine and follow ups for water 
was acknowledged but never acted upon. I was tempted to  stand up
and get some water and wine myself. They were not attentive nor were they
cheerful. Maybe they were not being paid well? Attention management!


Now I remember why it took some months before I returned here. They really
need to improve their service. Village Tavern's service pale in comparison
 to our favorite Friday's  (Glorietta Branch) which is also part of the
Bistro Group . Fridays make you feel warm and welcomed. Servers are alert and cheerful.

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